Where to buy Honda VFR 800 fi-1 01 parts?

Where to buy Honda VFR 800 fi-1 01 parts?

Shop for Honda VFR 800 Fi-1 01 spare parts and accessories. Take advantage of our easy ordering system, with replacement parts tailored to your specific machine and sorted by category.

What was the colour of the Honda VFR in 1998?

1998: red, black 1999: red, dark blue 2000: dark green, blue, red Note: colour information is from a magazine, and not necessarily accurate. For example, no mention is made of the VFR being available in yellow, which it was. Also, I have seen photographs of 1998 bikes in silver. For the USA only Red was available in 1998 and 1999.

Which is better a Honda VFR750 or a VFR800?

Superbikemagazine tested the then-new VFR800 against its immediate predecessor, the 1997 VFR750, in their March 1998 issue. They said: The new bike has a better engine, better handling and better styling. The brakes are a matter of taste, but by my reckoning that makes it just that much better in nearly every department.

How many miles does a 1998 Honda VFR800 Interceptor have?

The 781cc engine produced 95 horsepower and 54 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel – not imposing numbers but these are cult bikes that can easily attain 6 digit odometer readings. This example has 56,150 miles and it’s been with the seller for 10 years and about 33,000 miles.

Why is my Honda VFR800 not working properly?

Starting with the Fi models, the most common issue by far is the failure of the regulator/rectifier unit. This electrical gizmo converts the three-phase electricity the bike’s generator creates into the smooth, voltage limited, DC current the bike needs.

When did the Honda VFR800 VTEC model come out?

Late in 2001 the VFR800 VTEC replaced it. It received a mixed reception. Owners loved the Fi model but the VTEC came with a version of variable valve timing which although simpler than the system used in cars is comparatively complex for a motorbike.

What are the features of the new Honda VFR?

The new VFR also features traction control, a new instrument panel, and revised aerodynamic bodywork with LED lighting, though the engine and chassis remain largely unchanged from the previous sixth-generation model. Continued from the sixth-generation model is also the 2006 refined version of the VTEC system.

Do you have to replace studs on Honda VFR800?

It comes to all VFR800s sooner or later. If you buy a VFR without a stainless replacement chances are you’ll be fitting one. It would be a good idea to replace the studs/nuts while you have the bike apart as they are not expensive, but the studs are only 6mm thick and snap oh so easily.

When did the Honda vfr800i anniversary come out?

2000: Honda VFR800i gets minor update; slight frame changes, modified clutch, refined fuel injection, more durable electrics, improved mirrors, HISS security system. Honda VFR800i Anniversary: Sold in 1999 – identical to the regular Honda VFR800i except for special colour scheme.

How big are the Tank Grips on a Honda VFR 800?

Universal Cut To Size Tank Grips. Measures 210mm x 160mm, 3 Sheets In Pack. Self Adhesive, High Quality Rubber, Clear. Made in Italy.

What causes a Honda vfr800i to stop?

Rectifier issue (Honda’s Achillies heel) can cause the Honda VFR800i to stop, potentially with a boiling battery. Non-Honda units are cheap and solve the problem before it occurs – later Honda units also work well on the Honda VFR800i. As it’s the pick of the Honda VFR750/800s used values are high.