Which is correct antennas or antennae?

Which is correct antennas or antennae?

The plural noun form of “antenna” comes in two flavors: “antennas” and “antennae.” If you look up antenna in an English dictionary, you’ll see that the plural, antennas, is used to refer to electrical instruments, and antennae, to the protuberances found on the heads of insects.

Whats the definition of antennae?

1 plural antennae : one of a pair of slender, movable, segmented sensory organs on the head of insects, myriapods, and crustaceans — see insect illustration. 2 : a usually metallic device (such as a rod or wire) for radiating or receiving radio waves a TV antenna.

What are synonyms for antennae?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for antenna, like: aerial, rabbit-ears, feeler, receiving wire, wire, transmitter, radiating wire, sensor, palp, receiver and transmitting aerial.

What is the function of the antennae?

Antennae: Segmented appendages attached to the head above the mouthparts, with important sensory functions, including touch, smell, and in some cases hearing.

Do all arthropods have antennae?

Antennae ( sg. antenna), sometimes referred to as “feelers”, are paired appendages used for sensing in arthropods. Antennae are connected to the first one or two segments of the arthropod head. Except for the chelicerates and proturans, which have none, all non-crustacean arthropods have a single pair of antennae.

Do butterflies have antennae?

All butterflies have simple antennae that end in a swelling or “club”. The principal characteristics of separating families of Lepidoptera are those of the wing venation, presence/absence of frenulum, presence/absence of ocelli, and characteristics of legs, mouth parts, and antenna.

Do cockroaches antennae?

Cockroach antennae have been extensively used for studying the multifunctional sensory appendage that generates the olfactory, gustatory, tactile, thermal, and humidity senses. Mechanoreceptors on the surface of the antenna are primarily responsible for the generation of tactile sense.

Do antennae plants grow back?

Antennae Seed The Antennae Plant is a flora species found in the Lilypad Islands and Lilypads Crevice. This fruit will also naturally regrow in wild plants.

Do flies have antennae?

Antennae. All flies have antennae. Members of the suborder Nematocera (e.g., crane flies, various midges, and gnats) have whiplike antennae with two basal segments (scape and pedicel) and a flagellum of many similar segments.

Do spiders have antennae?

Spiders, and other species in the Arachnida group, have eight legs with only two body parts as well as eight eyes. A spider’s head and thorax are fused while their abdomen is not segmented. Spiders also do not have distinct wings or antennae like insects.

What does the name antennae mean?

Antennae meaning Filters (0) The definition of antennae are wires that receive and conduct electromagnetic waves, typically to transmit information.

What is the singular of antennae?

Antennae (singular: antenna ), sometimes referred to as “feelers”, are paired appendages used for sensing in arthropods . Antennae are connected to the first one or two segments of the arthropod head.

What do insects have antennae?

Examples of insects with filiform antennae include: rock crawlers (order Grylloblattodea) gladiators (order Mantophasmatodea) angel insects (order Zoraptera) cockroaches (order Blattodea)

What does antenna mean in Latin?

From Latin antenna, nautical term for yard and common term for pole, of uncertain origin, but possibly from Proto-Indo-European *temp-(“to stretch, extend”).