Which is the best place to repair a speedometer?

Which is the best place to repair a speedometer?

US Speedo© offers our clients our expert repair service. Our skilled techs have over 35 years of combined experience and with an emphasis on excellent customer service, US Speedo© is the best place for your vehicles speedometer repair. Do you have problems with your needles sticking?

Why is the speedometer on my Chevy truck not working?

Inaccurate readings after changes to your Chevy: This is common with truck and SUV owners who change their wheels and tires, but can also happen if the wheel/tire combo is changed on a car. Larger combos, or those with different dimensions, will cause an inaccurate reading and the speedometer must be re-calibrated to regain accuracy.

Where does US Speedo make their speedometers?

US Speedo is proud to Design, Produce and service all of our Custom and OEM Speedometer Gauge Faces in Flint, Michigan! Our parts are designed to OEM Spec or better. Our intricate production processes ensure proper fit and superior quality

Where can I buy a speedometer in Oregon?

Speedometer Service & Instrument Company of Portland, Oregon, sells gauges, cables, and adapters to both the truck and automotive industries. This equipment helps make your vehicles completely functional regarding measurement and display of speed. We’re a family business run by professionals with more than 35 years of experience.

How to contact speedometer service and Instrument Company?

Contact us at ( 503) 227-5567 for access to first-class speedometer services and products. Your vehicles will accurately record speed and distance with Speedometer Service & Instrument Company. From gauges to custom cables, we provide the necessary parts to make your vehicles fully equipped for accuracy.

How does the speedometer work in a car?

Today’s cars and trucks have electronic fuel injection, which is controlled by the onboard computer. The EFI supplies fuel to the engine based on input from multiple sensors; one of which is the speedometer sensor.