Which is the second generation Mercedes Benz SLK?

Which is the second generation Mercedes Benz SLK?

The second generation Mercedes-Benz SLK, internally designated model R171, is a two-passenger, front-engine, rear-drive, retractable hardtop roadster, unveiled at the 74th Geneva International Motor Show — and manufactured and marketed for model years 2004–2010.

What kind of transmission does Mercedes Benz SLK 55 use?

2008 facelift included a controller upgrade to the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC transmission, shifts 10% faster than previous model. SLK 55 Sport/030/P30 (an option package on top of the standard SLK 55 AMG) Developed by the AMG PERFORMANCE STUDIO, AMG performance package adds following:

How many SLK Class cars are there in the world?

As of 2006 AMG has released several new models, but these are not available in all export markets: SLK 55 Asia Cup (Track Sport) Limited to 35 cars LHD and RHD.

Is the Mercedes SLK R171 a manual transmission car?

The R171 made Car and Driver ‘s Ten Best list for 2005 and won the Canadian Car of the Year Best New Convertible award. The R171 SLK were the last series that a manual transmission was available in a 6 Cylinder Mercedes-Benz Convertible. The successor to the R171, R172, only offered manual transmission in their 4 cylinder vehicles.

What kind of engine does Mercedes Benz SLK have?

R171 2004-2010 a stronger and ore aerodynamic model and revised faster folding roof system. – 163bhp 1.8l or 272bhp 3.5l V6 Petrol engines (SLK 200K & SLK 350 respectively) power increased on these models in 2005 to 185bhp and 305bhp where the SLK350 name dropped and was replaced with SLK300. R172 2011 New design and revised engine options.

How can I tune my Mercedes Benz SLK?

Uprate the fuel pump to cope with the extra fuel requirements of your tuned SLKs uprated injectors. Intake and Exhaust Tuning. The next area for modification is the intake and exhaust. Air induction kits only help to add performance if the cars air intake is restricted!

Is the Mercedes Benz SLK a good sleeper?

SLK make good sleepers if you debadge them and fit the most powerful engine upgrades and handling mods you can ! The best power gains come from larger engine sizes. The more you start with the bigger the return on investment so engine swaps are good value mods for small engined cars. Power mods.

Where did the Mercedes Benz SLK get its name?

The SLK name comes from the German words for Sporty Light Short, this later became known in 2016 as the SLC Class with the roadsters attracting an SL prefix.