Who is the Lt governor in Michigan?

Who is the Lt governor in Michigan?

Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist has dedicated his career to solving problems. An engineer by training, he uses thoughtful innovation, progressive reform, and efficient modernization of policies and programs to make the work better for hardworking families.

What is the Lt governor responsible for?

In the U.S., the main duty of the lieutenant governor is to act as governor should the governor be temporarily absent from the office. In addition, the lieutenant governor generally succeeds a governor who dies, resigns or is removed in trial by the legislative branch.

What does Lieutenant Governor do Michigan?

There are three main duties assigned to the lieutenant governor: to serve as acting governor while the governor is out of state; to become governor if the governor is unable to serve due to death, illness or incapacitation; and. to preside over the Michigan Senate.

What foreign country does Michigan border?

The international border states are those states in the U.S. that border either Canada, Mexico, Cuba, or Russia….Border with Canada.

State Michigan
Adjacent province or territory Ontario
Length of border 721 mi (1,160 km)
Description (if not land border) Water boundary (land border on Crystal Island)

How do you address a Lieutenant Governor?

Lieutenant governors don’t have a special honorific for their office. Simply address him or her as ‘Mr./Ms./etc. (Name)’ … and identify as ‘the Lieutenant Governor of (state)’ as necessary.

How much does a state senator make in Michigan?

Michigan Senate

Michigan State Senate
Salary $71,685 salary/year + $10,800 per diem/year
Last election November 6, 2018 (38 seats)
Next election November 8, 2022 (38 seats)