Who is the master of Akuma?

Who is the master of Akuma?

Goutetsu (轟鉄 / ゴウテツ, Gōtetsu?, “Roaring Iron”) is a non-playable character in the Street Fighter video game series. According to the backstory introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, he was the martial arts master of Gouken and Akuma, who trained them in the martial art style they used.

What fighting style does Akuma use?

Akuma (Street Fighter)

Fighting style Ansatsuken, rooted in the indigenous arts of Kungfu and Shorinji Kempo
Origin Japan
Nationality Japanese

What is the name of Ryu’s fighting style?

Shotokan-style Karate
Ryu (Street Fighter)

Fighting style Shotokan-style Karate Martial art rooted in assassination arts (暗殺拳をルーツとした格闘術, ansatsuken o rūtsu toshita kakutō jutsu) (SF IV)
Origin Japan United States (1994 movie)
Nationality Japanese American (1994 movie)

Is Ansatsuken a real martial art?

Ansatsuken (暗殺拳, literally “assassination fist”) is a Japanese neologism used frequently in fictional works to describe any martial art style or fighting technique that has been developed with the purpose of killing an opponent.

What is Ken Masters fighting style?

Shotokan-style Karate Martial art

Ken Masters
Motion capture Damian Chapa
In-universe information
Fighting style Shotokan-style Karate Martial art rooted in the assassination arts (暗殺拳をルーツとした格闘術, ansatsuken o rūtsu toshita kakutō jutsu) (SF IV)
Origin United States

What kind of moves do you use in Ansatsuken?

Ansatsuken is a fictional martial art used in Street Fighter. By tapping into one’s “ki,” an Ansatsuken user can channel the energy known as “Hadou.”. Special moves associated with Ansatsuken include the Hadoken (fireball), Shoryuken (Dragon Punch) and Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Hurricane Kick).

What was the original purpose of the Ansatsuken?

Over time multiple versions of Ansatsuken have emerged with the original purpose of all being assassination.

How did Gouken get his name in Street Fighter?

It should be noted that, prior to Street Fighter IV, Sheng Long was actually used as Gouken’s western name in some media, similar to how his brother is referred to as either Akuma or Gouki depending on the region. Gouken was finally introduced as a playable character in Street Fighter IV in response to fans demanding Sheng Long.

Where did the name Goutetsu come from Street Fighter?

Capcom adapted the name Goutetsu for Gouken and Akuma’s master, instead of being another name for Gouken.