Why is my Detroit Diesel 8V92 engine not working?

Why is my Detroit Diesel 8V92 engine not working?

The chart below shows the most common questions asked by owners of Detroit Diesel® engines 8V92 Natural when trying to troubleshoot why their engines underperform. It categorizes areas of possible malfunction, likely cause and recommended action to bring your new, rebuilt or used Detroit Diesel® engine back to proper operation.

When did the Detroit Diesel Series 92 leave the market?

The Series 92 left the market in the summer of 1995 and the four stroke Detroit Diesel engine Series 60 was introduced as a replacement. Some believe that Detroit Diesel Series 92 engines were one of the finest engines of its time.

When did General Motors stop making Detroit Diesel engines?

Detroit Diesel 2 stroke cycle engines enjoyed some popularity as a truck engine, this popularity peaked in the 1970’s (I6-71, 8V-71 and 12V- 71) and declined through the 1980’s (8V-92). Detroit Diesel was owned by General Motors until 1987 when the division was purchased by Penske Corporation: G.M. retains a token slice of the ownership.

Do you need a Detroit Diesel engine chart?

The chart will give you confidence when speaking with your Detroit Diesel® engine mechanic or ordering parts. As a quick reference guide only, the chart must not be thought of as a substitute for the use of your Detroit Diesel® engine 8V92 Natural Owner’s operating or service manual.

Where can I buy parts for a Detroit 8V92?

Simply put, Diesel Pro is the best choice for buying parts online. Click above to see parts or scroll down for more information. All 8V92 engines will have a model number will start with 808, such as 8081-234. The serial number will start with 8VF, such as 8VF1234. 8 cylinder engine.

Is the Detroit Diesel 8V92 worth$ 1500?

I’ve driven many older trucks with those motors, and they are worthless. 5 mpg, on a good day. and probably a gallon of oil per day. ( not to mention, where the coolant went) Unless you get the truck cheap, I’d keep looking. flc120 Thanks this. Is it worth $1500??

How to restart a Detroit Diesel after changing fuel?

Turn the engine off for about 10 seconds, then restart it to make sure all of the air is out of the fuel system. Turn the engine back off. Both new fuel filters must be filled completely full of fresh diesel before installing them to the fuel filter housing.

Why is my Detroit Diesel engine not cranking?

If the secondary fuel filter is a bowl fuel filter, use pliers to remove the top plug, then fill the fuel filter up with diesel. If the new fuel filters are not completely filled with fresh diesel, the engine will not crank because air will get into the fuel system and cause vapor lock. Never smoke or use open flames around gas.

What kind of engine does a 1986 MCI 102A3 have?

I am the proud new oner of a 1986 MCI 102A3, with a 8V92 TA & 5 speed Allison Transmission, with a Jake Brake, it was a new bus converted by Custom Coach of Ohio. We use the motor home to get from Chicago, to Colorado to go Skiing.

How much oil does an 8V92 TA engine use?

I have owned the bus for about a year, and made 3 trips to Colorado from Chicago, and noticed that it consumes about 8 quarts of oil in about 2,300 miles. I use Delvac 1640 40W oil.