Why is my Subaru not moving out of Park?

Why is my Subaru not moving out of Park?

Brake light Switch – A common problem that will prevent your Subaru shifter from moving out of Park. Easy, inexpensive fix. Shifter – Shifter release mechanism or the shifter itself may be broken.

Why does my Subaru Outback stall in traffic?

Sometimes this results in an engine stall in traffic. Subaru of America suggested a transmission “retraining” which seems to have cured the issue. About a month ago (April 2011) while moving forward at around 5 to 10 mph I reached for the glove box and my shirt cuff caught the shift handle and thru the transmission into reverse.

Why is my transmission not working on my Subaru Outback?

Car now has 77k miles and only option given has been to replace the transmission. The contact owns a 2005 Subaru Outback. Intermittently, the rear of the vehicle loses control in slick road conditions. The contact stated that there was mechanical failure with the electronics in the all wheel drive.

Can a Subaru transmission be moved from reverse to manual?

While I was lucky and there were no injuries this appears to be a serious safety defect that should be adressed by Subaru of north America. There are no built in safety locks or mechanisms to prevent the transmission from being moved from reverse to drive or drive to manual shift option.

How to know if your Subaru Outback Legacy is running?

Go out to the car and turn the key to the ON position as if the car is running. Don’t turn it all the way to the crank position. If you hear the low hum of the fuel pump running for a few seconds as the fuel pressure builds up I’d bet you have a leak that’s bleeding off fuel pressure.

Why does my Subaru Outback turn over but not start?

If it’s turning over the problem isn’t the battery. Since the car does run and the battery checked out, I’d lean towards a fuel pressure problem. I have a vehicle that’s bleeding off fuel pressure somewhere if it sits for an extended period of time and will do the same thing, turn over but not start. Try this as a test.