Why would a diesel engine lose prime?

Why would a diesel engine lose prime?

The fuel system loses pressure with the truck off. Unless you have a cracked filter cap or bad line, the fuel system to the upper filter will purge when the truck gets turned on, and the fuel pump runs. You’d have a noticeable fuel leak. It’s probably a leak in your HPO system, or crack in your HPO reservoir.

What should the fuel pressure be on a dd15?


Normal Fuel System Pressures
HPP Inlet (PSI) 69 to 77 92 to 112
HPP Outlet (PSI) 1 to 2.5 4 to 7
Priming Port (PSI) 72 to 80 100 to 120
Fuel Compensation pressure w/ doser regulator 75 to 85 80 to 95

Where is the fuel pump on a 7.3 Diesel?

The fuel pump on all 7.3L Power Strokes is located in the engine valley just in front of the turbocharger.

How do you bleed air out of a VP44?

Crack open the line to the VP44 and run the lift pump till the bubbles stop and you get clean fuel. Then you need to back up two or three of the outter injection lines from the head and crank till fuel appears. Tighten the lines up and go for main ign. It will start on one or two cyls at first then smooth out.

Why does my DD15 loose prime when shutdown?

The fuel system has been replaced with the injectors due to metal in the fuel system. It was performed by another shop. The customer said he spent $8000. Now the truck looses prime when shutdown. I have replaced the supply line from the tank to the pump. The truck still has the same problem. Looses prime and hard to start.

Is there a problem with DD15 fuel pressure?

Ok I had a problem… Ok I had a problem with dd15 that its fuel pressure doesn’t stays.

What are the common problems on DD engines?

There is a 2012 Cascadia with DD engine 650k miles for sale with coolant in the oil that I’m considering buying. What are the common problems on DD engines? If I buy this truck I expect best case scenario to do a valve job/head gasket, replace all 6 injectors + injector harnesses, fuel quantity valve and whatever else I might find.

What causes loss of fuel Prime and hard start condition?

After you prime it out it runs fine. Any idea on what would cause this problem Im new to the DD15s. Thanks! also check the checkvalve in the davco filter if it has one. if the spring is broke and not closing off the line, that will cause a loss of fuel prime and hard start condition