Are there any problems with the MaxxForce 7?

Are there any problems with the MaxxForce 7?

All the Maxxforce series, including the 7, were bad. These problems were not limited to big rigs. School buses also had problems including losing the high-pressure fuel pumps, diluted engine oil, and lost oil pressure and the contaminate was the diesel fuel. This is just the beginning of problems with this engine.

How does the MaxxForce 10 Regen work Navistar?

Maxxforce 10 Regen. Frequency How Navistar solved EGR??? Maxxforce 10, how to access? MaxxForce 10 Low Pressure Fuel Pump died. Looking at Monaco Knight with a MaxxForce 10?

Who is the company that makes MaxxForce engines?

Who Makes Maxxforce Engines? The company that made this engine is called International Truck and Engine but it is a subsidiary unit under the parent Navistar International. Before Navistar bought out International, the latter company had a stellar reputation for its trucks and motors.

What is the mission statement of Navistar Maxxforce Engine?

Mission Statement: Supporting thoughtful exchange of knowledge, values and experience among RV enthusiasts. Considering an RV with a MF7, am I making a big $$ mistake?

Are there any new MaxxForce engines out there?

I’ve noticed recently on the International website, the Trail Magazine, and the International Youtube channel news regarding the N9 and N10 line of engines. These two “new” engines appear to have replaced all the Maxxforce engines except for the DT and 7 creations. Are they really new? No, they are not.

When did my 2014 MaxxForce ProStar break down?

Discussion in ‘ Experienced Truckers’ Advice ‘ started by HardlyWorkingNeverHome, Jan 1, 2015 . I’ve had my 2014 Maxxforce ProStar now for 207,000 miles. I’ve only had one 7 day breakdown when the EGR cooler began leaking coolant badly at around 40,000 miles.

What happens if you lose a MaxxForce truck?

Warranty costs relating to Maxxforce EGR spiraled while reliability plummeted. Class action lawsuits are now starting. In the trucking word people rarely forget or forgive trucks that don’t perform. Once you lose a customer you have to work very hard to get them back.

Is the Cummins MaxxForce engine that bad?

I am pretty happy with the ISX other than an EGR problem every 200,000 miles. But I can’t help but notice that there is a $15-20000 price difference (30+%) between the price of ProStars equipped with the MaxxForce engine and the Cummins ISX.

What causes a truck to shut off while driving?

If the system cannot develop the proper oil pressure for the high pressure side, it will log a code. So if you have no codes or warning lights, it is most likely a fuel problem. Fuel problems are not monitored by the ECM and will not generate fault codes. So don’t let them start throwing high pressure ICP parts at it.

Can a 2005 International shut off while driving?

I have a 2005 International with a DT466. The issue I’m having is without warning, while driving down the road the truck will lose power and then shut off. No engine light comes on, no codes in the Dash changed the fuel filter checked the fuses in the battery box, Checked the relays underneath the hood and replaced the camshaft sensor.