Are there beaches in Cebu City?

Are there beaches in Cebu City?

The province of Cebu has always been a famous destination for both local and foreign tourists. It comes as no surprise, for the province has several beautiful beaches you can easily reach from its namesake capital city.

Is it allowed to go to beach in Cebu?

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Bathing and swimming at the beach, rivers and other bodies of waters “for health purposes” are already allowed in Cebu province, except Talisay City, as the 44 towns and five cities shift to general community quarantine this Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

What is the best month to visit Cebu?

December to February is the best time to visit Cebu City. It is considered to be the gateway to paradise for it is located nearby to some of the most beautiful pristine beaches like Bantayan, Camotes, Mactan and Malapascua. It experiences, and hence, it is usually hot and humid with heavy rainfalls during monsoon.

Is Cebu safe for tourists?

Cebu is generally safe and violent crime, such as muggings is rare, but be careful when walking around the city at night. A lone tourist walking around dark roads late at night can be an easy target for someone to make a quick buck. Be respectful of your behaviour and clothing in churches and other religious sites.

How far is Cebu City from the beach?

In normal daytime traffic, it is about 40 minutes from the centre of Cebu City to many of the beach resorts on mactan island.

Can we travel to Cebu now 2021?

The Province of Cebu is under Alert Level 2 from November 15-30, 2021. Interzonal travel within the entire island of Cebu shall be permitted. All persons shall be allowed to travel to and from the Province of Cebu and the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, and Lapu-Lapu.

What is the nicest beach in the Philippines?

25 Best Beaches in the Philippines

  1. White Beach, Boracay. Source: Maks Ershov / shutterstock.
  2. El Nido, Palawan. Source: Rad Radu / shutterstock.
  3. Paradise Beach, Bantayan Island.
  4. Cagayan Valley, Palaui Island.
  5. Alona Beach, Panglao.
  6. Dumaluan Beach, Panglao.
  7. Caramoan, Camarines Sur.
  8. Babau Santa Beach Resort, Talicud Island.

How long should you stay in Cebu?

5 days in Cebu is enough time to see the top sights on the island, but as with everywhere in the Philippines, you’ll soon realize that you can spend a lifetime exploring it. To inspire your trip to the Philippines here’s the best way to see Cebu in 5 days.

Why do tourists go to Cebu?

With a mountainous spine and abundant rainforest, Cebu is home to an incredible number of spectacular waterfalls. It’s perfect for thrill-seekers too: the area is a popular spot for waterfall jumping, rapelling, rock climbing and canyoning. Tumalog Falls, near Oslob, is worth a visit too.

Which Philippine island is Cebu City located on?

Cebu (/seɪˈbuː/; Cebuano: Sugbu) is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas (Region VII) region, and consists of a main island and 167 surrounding islands and islets. Its capital is Cebu City, the oldest city and first capital of the Philippines, which is politically independent from the provincial government.

What to do in Cebu, Philippines?

Get ready to enjoy the immaculately clean beaches of Cebu, which is one of the most attractive localities in the Philippines. There is plenty to do and see here. All you need to do is to explore the wealth of opportunities here such as having sunset dinners, diving, swimming, snorkeling,…

What to see in Philippines?

Honda Bay Island Hopping when you’re in the Philippines is a must do. It’s pure escapism in a paradise location when, on a one day tour you can visit three different islands, Luli, Cowrie and Starfish , which are all overloaded with white sand beaches and some of the best snorkeling on the planet.