Can a liftgate strut be used on another car?

Can a liftgate strut be used on another car?

This allows the aftermarket manufacturer to use one strut to fit several different vehicles by simply packaging different adapters along with the strut. In fact, you may even find a few extra parts in the box intended to fit your strut to someone else’s car. Start by solidly securing your gate or hatch open.

Do you need to replace tailgate gas struts?

Gas struts are absolutely fundamental to the workings of your car. Whether you’re an expert car enthusiast looking to make improvements to your vehicle, or you’re simply needing to replace your old, tired existing vehicle gas struts with new ones, many people will get to a point where they will need to replace their gas struts.

Why is my liftgate trunklid not lifting up on its own?

Eventually, oil and gas make their way out of the strut, and you have a hatch or trunklid that needs to be lifted up or won’t stay up on its own. You can substantially improve the service life of a gas strut by simply keeping the strut rod clean and free of nicks. Clean the polished surface periodically with a dry, soft cloth.

Is it easy to lift a tailgate on a truck?

You will be able to lift your tailgate with ease because the torsion bar makes your 30- or 40-lb tailgate feel like it weighs just 4 to 7 lbs. Relevance Newest Rating – High to Low Rating – Low to High Install this torsion bar between your truck bed and tailgate to make it easy for you to raise and lower the tailgate on your truck.

How to replace tailgate lift support struts?

Be sure to have a helper hold the weight of the door or use something sturdy to prop it open like a long piece of wood or a step ladder. For a few dollars in parts, why pay someone else do it when you can do it yourself! Loading…

What is a Stabilus tailgate strut used for?

A Stabilus Tailgate Strut is a piston-like metal device that carries the weight of a heavy door using gas or hydraulic pressure. If you want outstanding service out of your car or truck, take a peek at a Stabilus tailgate strut.

What’s the best way to replace a strut?

Use a screwdriver to carefully remove these supports and remove the mechanism. Install the replacements: Carefully tap the top of the strut into its place using a small light hammer. If you are replacing both struts, complete this step on both and then do the same for the bottoms of each.