Does a 2012 Freightliner Cascadia have def?

Does a 2012 Freightliner Cascadia have def?

2012 Freightliner Cascadia dd15 has not used any def with last three tanks of fuel.

What series is the DD15?

By third quarter 2008, the DD15 will be available in Western Star 4900 and Freightliner Coronado tractors. The DD15 will fully replace the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine in North America by 2010. Designed for on-highway applications, the DD15 is part of Daimler AG’s Heavy-Duty Engine Platform.

How many gallons of DEF does a Freightliner hold?

Freightliner will offer DEF tanks with capacities of six, 13, and 23 gallons.

How many gallons of DEF does a 2014 Freightliner Cascadia hold?

2014 Used Freightliner Cascadia DEF Tank

Condition Used
Fits To Make(s) Freightliner
Fits To Model(s) Cascadia
Will Fit Year(s) 2014
Capacity 23 Gallons

How to repair a Freightliner Cascadia Detriot DD15?

Check for multiple codes. If SPN 4353/FMI 5 is active confirmed along with SPN 3361/FMI 5, repair the open circuit between pin 3 of the ACM 120-pin connector and the DEF metering unit dosing valve connector for pin 2. If only SPN 3361/FMI 5 is present, Go to step 2. Disconnect the DEF dosing valve wiring harness connector.

When does Def flash on a Cascadia truck?

DEF flashes only when the CEL comes on. the CEL liht goes on and off , meaning during the drive, it will stay on for x amount of time (varies from 30 sec to few min) and then it disappers and only light on is MIL. Also seems truck did not take any DEF for the last 900 miles.

When does FMI 5 SPN 3361 / 2012 Cascadia?

For 2010 models, this code sets when the vehicle has been driven for 10 hours or 500 miles while a code is present for the DEF tank level, DEF metering valve, DEF pump, NOx sensors, Blocked DEF line, DEF quality, NOx efficiency, SCR harness and/or SCR sensor. Description Regulatory Fault Ignored – Derate On.

How to repair a FMI 5 Cascadia engine?

Disconnect the DEF dosing valve wiring harness connector. Inspect the dosing valve connector terminals for spread or corroded pins. If the pins are spread or corroded, repair as necessary. If connector shows no signs of damage, Go to step 4. Turn the ignition ON (key ON, engine OFF).