How big is the boot of a Mustang convertible?

How big is the boot of a Mustang convertible?

332 litres
On the contrary, the boot in the Ford Mustang Convertible is a decent size, offering a total of 332 litres of luggage space.

What kind of boot do I need for a convertible Mustang?

Here is the top boot for your 1983-1989 Ford Mustang convertible car, boot attaches as original. Click on the Convertible Top Specialists logo to get more information and to see the colors available. 1949-1962 Volkswagen top boot. Here is the top boot for your 1949-1962 Volkswagen Beetle convertible cars, boot attaches as original.

Where is the boot on a Ford Mustang?

The Mustang boot, like other convertible top boots, is fastened to the rear deck of the car just aft of the convertible top itself. When the top is lowered the top and the frame can be stowed in the fabric storage “bag” known as the convertible top boot.

Is there a convertible top for a Ford Mustang?

These Mustang convertibles are actively restored and the Mustang soft top (replacement convertible top) is available from many convertible top sources. We offer each Mustang convertible top in original Ford Mustang convertible soft top design and convertible soft top fabric.

What are the parts for a convertible Mustang?

We also carry convertible top boots, convertible top frame tack strips, well liners, top pads, convertible top hydraulic components, and other convertible top parts for all Ford Mustang convertibles. For Mustang convertible cars with automatic (hydraulic) components we also carry top cylinders, top motor pumps, hoses and other related components.

Can a convertible top boot fit a 94-98 Mustang?

A: This Convertible Top Boot will not fit an 94-98 and the 99-04’s are shaped slightly different. We have a convertible top boot specifically for the 94-98, and we would recommend that unit for proper fitment. The top boot for your mustang is item 95054.

What kind of boot do you need for a Mustang?

The convertible top materials are much stiffer and require that you “break in” the new Ford Mustang convertible top boot. However, many of our Mustang convertible restorers do prefer that their boots be made in conventional convertible top vinyl or canvas.

Where does the convertible top go in a Mustang?

Convertible top boot color is usually chosen by the Mustang restorer to offset or mate with either the car’s interior color or paint color. Remember that the top is stored within the boot and you will want your Mustang to look spiffy when the convertible top is stored within its top storage boot. Boot Vinyl vrs. Convertible Top Vinyl

What kind of top boot does OPR Mustang have?

This OEM reproduction fastens securely with the same attachment style as your original for hassle-free use. Application. This OPR Convertible Top Boot is specifically designed to fit the 1999 to 2004 Mustangs, including the V6, GT, and SVT Cobra models.