How can I get jazz monthly SMS package?

How can I get jazz monthly SMS package?

The SMS bundles are not limited to SMS only; you can enjoy the ‘Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Bundle’ by availing 5000 SMS and 5000 MBs in just Rs 60 with the validity of 30 days. To subscribe this amazing offer, dial *101*1*02# and to check the status string dial *101*2*02# (its a limited time offer).

What is jazz monthly SMS package?

Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Bundle brings you 12,000 SMS for any network and 5000 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO) usage throughout the month, at a fixed charge of Rs. 110 per month.

How can I activate Jazz Monthly super duper offer?

Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon dialing *706#, the customer will be subscribed to Monthly Super Duper Offer for exact 30 calendar days, offer will expire on midnight of 30th calendar day (including subscription day)
  2. This Offer is non-recursive and customers will have to dial *706# again to avail the Offer more than once.

How can I activate Jazz Weekly SMS package?

WhatsApp & SMS

  1. Subscription. Fee Rs.20 (Incl. Tax)
  2. Subscription. Code *101*1*07#
  3. Validity 7 Days.
  4. Status. Code *101*2*07#
  5. Info. Code *101*3*07#
  6. Unsubscribe *101*4*07#

How can I check my jazz monthly package status?

  1. Subscription. Fee Rs.800 (Incl. tax)
  2. Subscription. Code *707#
  3. Validity Monthly.
  4. Unsubscribe *707*4#
  5. Status. Code *707*2#
  6. Info. Code *707*3#

How can I check my jazz 1100 monthly package?

Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Bundle Details: To Un-subscribe, dial *707*4# To check status, dial *707*2#

How can I know my jazz monthly package code?

  1. Subscription. Fee Rs.636 (Incl. Tax)
  2. Subscription Fee (Gwadar/Turbat) Rs.745.2 (Incl. Tax)
  3. Status. Code *706*2#
  4. Validity Monthly.

Can you get a monthly SMS with jazz?

Sometimes, you do not have a sufficient account balance to get a monthly SMS package. So, you are no other option except getting a daily SMS package for the time being. In such situations, Jazz daily SMS bundles are blessing in disguise. Jazz offers a variety of daily SMS buckets for its prepaid users.

Is there a jazz gold Super advance offer?

Along with weekly and monthly SMS bundles, Jazz brings another golden opportunity for its customer known as ‘Jazz Gold Super Advance offer’.

What is the validity of the jazz offer?

Jazz offers 1000 SMS and MBs for internet with the validity of 7 days (this offer is for a limited time). What are you waiting for? Reactivate your SIMS and avail this golden offer.