How do I contact Wdfw?

How do I contact Wdfw?

General contact information

Contact Phone Fax
Contact Receptionist and general information Phone 360-902-2200 Fax 360-902-2156
Contact TTY Phone 800-833-6388 Fax
Contact Director’s Office Phone 360-902-2200 Fax 360-902-2947
Contact Enforcement Phone 360-902-2936 Fax 360-902-2155

Do seniors need a fishing license in Washington state?

Residents and non-residents alike must have a license to fish or shellfish in Washington waters. Everyone age 15 and older needs a fishing license. You do not need a license if you are fishing for common carp, crawfish, bullfrogs, or collecting relic shells.

What fishing is open in Puget Sound?

In southern Puget Sound (13) fishing is open year-round for salmon. From July 1 to Sept. 30 the hatchery chinook minimum size limit is 20 inches; release wild coho and chinook.

What does the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife do?

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and perpetuating the state’s fish, wildlife, and ecosystems while providing sustainable fish and wildlife recreational and commercial opportunities.

What fish are in Washington State?

The official state fish of Washington is the steelhead trout, which is scientifically known as Salmo gairdnerii. The trout, which is extremely popular in the state among people who enjoy fishing, was designated as the state fish back in 1969. The steelhead trout is a migratory species of the coastal rainbow trout or the Columbia River redband trout .

What is the Washington Department of wildlife?

Washington Wild is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is defend, protect, and restore wild lands and waters in Washington State through advocacy, education, and civic engagement. Founded in 1979 as the Washington Wilderness Coalition, Washington Wild has been instrumental in protecting nearly 3 million acres…

What is the US Fish and wild life service?

Fish and Wildlife Service. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is the principal Federal agency dedicated to fish and wildlife conservation. The Service’s history spans nearly 140 years, dating from the establishment of its predecessor agency, the Bureau of Fisheries, in 1871.

What is the Department of Fish and Wildlife?

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS or FWS) is an agency of the US federal government within the US Department of the Interior dedicated to the management of fish, wildlife, and natural habitats.