How do I find my Sea-Doo fault code?

How do I find my Sea-Doo fault code?

If your Sea-Doo jet ski is showing an error message or fault code that you can’t immediately identify, you will need to access the onboard computer to find out what the problem is. To do this press the MODE or SET button several times to access the fault code menu.

Why is my Sea-Doo spark beeping?

If your Sea-Doo is beeping continuously this refers to a major fault, which means you have to stop the engine immediately. In this case, it’s highly recommended that you not start the engine to avoid further damage. Best practice is to tow your Sea-Doo back to the dock using another vessel.

What is limp home mode on Sea-Doo?

Limp mode happens when there is an issue with the engine, the ski will only go slow until the issue is resolved, it can happen if the engine is overheated, oil level is low, fuel level low or battery is weak.

What does BR mean on a jet ski?

While searching for your boat cover or bimini top on our website, you may see different abbreviations or terms that you are not familiar with. Here is a breakdown of some of our most popularly used abbreviations that we receive questions about: BR may stand for “Bow Rider” style boat, which is a boat with an open bow.

What does one long beep mean on a SeaDoo?

One long beep points to issues with your key or ignition. Sea-Doo has set one long beep as the default alert for issues related to the key, lanyard, or the ignition system of your PWC.

What does one long beep mean on a Seadoo?

What is iBR on Sea-Doo?

Intelligent Brake & Reverse (iBR) is your Sea-Doo’s on-water brake. IBR also provides more intuitive, controlled operation at slow speeds. IBR-equipped craft starts in a neutral mode, the iBR system deflecting forward thrust just enough to keep the craft stationary.

What does SS mean on Sea-Doo?

Speed Based Ski Mode: This advanced iControl feature allows the driver to adjust the intensity of the launch for different rider skill levels and tow sports while maintaining a constant speed. There are 5 acceleration profiles for the best possible tow sports experience.

Is there a fault code on Sea Doo jet ski?

While Sea-Doo tries to ensure the quality of all their watercraft, there may be frustrating times when a ‘fault’ occurs. If you find that your jet ski is acting up or you’re having engine problems, don’t panic, there is a way for you to check for an error or fault code which will help you fix the problem.

What are the different beep codes on a Sea Doo?

When it comes to the newer 4-stoke models, you can expect to have 4 different beep codes on the Sea-Doo: – One long beep: D.E.S.S. key or ECM issues – A 2-second beep every 15 minutes interval: Engine management system or iBR faults – A 2-second beep every 5 minutes interval: Low fuel or fuel sensor issues

What kind of engine does Sea Doo have?

As Sea-Doo has used 4-stroke engines with DESS keys for a long time now, your craft is likely powered with this type of power source. If you have an older model, beware that the vintage 2-stroke Sea-Doo beep codes can be completely different.

Where are the Sea Doo fault codes stored?

Sometimes this means making sure their customers are safe and can figure out what is wrong with their Sea-Doo when there is a problem. That’s where Sea-Doo fault codes come into play. Sea-Doo fault codes are trouble-shooting codes that are stored on your jet ski’s onboard computer or EMS (Engine Management System).