How do I prepare for TSA Cambridge?

How do I prepare for TSA Cambridge?

A good place to start your preparation is by reading the TSA question guide, which explains and works through a sample of the different types of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving questions in the test. Try to answer some questions from the specimen paper, going at your own pace.

What is a good TSA score for Cambridge?

How is the TSA scored? Section 1 is marked by a computer and scored on a scale of 1-100. The average score for an applicant to Cambridge is in the high 50s. Only around 10% of students score above 70.

How do I prepare for the TSA test?

Take a TSA Computer Based Test practice screener in advance.

  1. Take a full-length practice test that mimics the actual test.
  2. Know what to expect.
  3. Use this free CBT test TSA study guide.
  4. Review TSA CBT test sample questions to gain an idea of what to expect on testing day.

What kind of questions are on the TSA test?

Summary Table

Full name TSA Computer Based Test
Duration Up to 2:30 hours
Type of questions Multiple Choice Questions
Number of questions Roughly 60 English comprehension questions and roughly 100 X-ray image interpretation questions
Language English only

Does UCL need TSA?

The TSA UCL is only used by University College London for the European Social and Political Studies course and the European Social and Political Studies Dual Degree. No other UCL courses require the test.

Is 70 a good TSA score?

The best applicants will score more highly, but 70 represents a comparatively high score and only a few very exceptional applicants will achieve scores higher than 80.

Is the TSA an IQ test?

The TSA is sat for literally 6 subjects at Oxford and is NOT an IQ test. Yes it assesses critical thinking but that doesn’t make it an IQ test.

What is a good TSA score?

What is a good TSA Section 1 score? A typical applicant will score around 60. 70 is a comparatively high score. Very few exceptional applicants will score more than 80.

When should you start revising for the TSA?

3 – 4 months to go: Intensive Revision Starts We recommend 30 minutes a day of intensive revision for your Admissions Test.

How do I pass the TSA interview?

TSA Interview Tips

  1. Show up on time for check-in.
  2. Make sure you come prepared with two forms of ID.
  3. Get a good night’s sleep before in the interview.
  4. Make sure you have your glasses or contacts if needed.
  5. Use your candidate dashboard to collect any needed information.