How do you turn on auto high beams GMC?

How do you turn on auto high beams GMC?

To enable the IntelliBeam system:

  1. Place the turn signal lever in the neutral position.
  2. Turn the exterior lamp control to AUTO.
  3. The blue high-beam on light will appear on the instrument cluster when the high beams automatically turn on.

What is GMC IntelliBeam?

INTELLIBEAM┬« AUTOMATIC HEADLAMP CONTROL IntelliBeam┬« automatically turns the vehicle’s high-beam headlamps on when it is dark enough and there is no other traffic present and then turns high beam off when conditions warrant (e.g., another vehicle is approaching).

What happens when the dash lights go off in a GMC Yukon?

It does not go completely black instantly. It ‘dims’ similar to the way the dimmer switch would, slowly, and usually ends up the way the dimmer would be if it was all the way to the bottom, where everything is almost completely black. The only thing i can barely see is the gear selector shows very dimly.

Why is my turn signal not working on my 1999 Yukon?

1999 Yukon; rear turn signal not working. Front working fine, fast blinking indicator, was not the bulbs, was not a loose wiring harness, or dirty connectors (although all worth a quick try) * The board that the 3 lightbulbs plug into, goes bad ! Super easy fix ]

How often do my dash lights go out?

My dash lights (everything controlled with the dimmer) would go out every once in a while and I would have to move the dimmer in just the right position to get my lights back on. One time I sat there for 3 or 4 minutes trying to get that stupid thing to work.

Why is my stop light not working on my truck?

Note, on some trucks the stop light and the signal light will be shared. If the bulbs (lamps) are good, the problem may be a broken wire, or a poor connection somewhere. Check inside the bulb socket for corrosion, check the plug where the wires connect to the lamp circuit board for corrosion, etc.