How does the choke on a Stromberg carburettor work?

How does the choke on a Stromberg carburettor work?

Tune with the engine running at working temperature. The fast-idle stop screw opens the throttle when the choke is pulled out. There must be a gap between its head and the choke cam when the choke is pushed home. The CD and CDS have different cold-starting devices, but the adjustment works in the same way.

Where does metering needle go on Zenith Stromberg carburetor?

You want to tap the piston down, thus forcing the needle adjusting screw upwards so it exits on the top of the piston. Here is what things should look like once the metering needle screw has been “tapped” out: Closeup of the star washer with the metering needle adjustment screw below it.

Where is the Allen key on a Stromberg carburettor?

Push the Allen key to the bottom of the shaft and fit it into the needle adjustment. Before you turn the Allen key, hold the outer tube of the tool firmly; otherwise the air valve can turn and tear the rubber diaphragm. For larger adjustments, lift out the piston and spring.

What do I need to repair a Zenith carburetor?

You will need to have several basic tools for this repair: A small flat-head screwdriver – to remove the retaining screw. A small Phillips screwdriver or better yet, a Pozidriv bit – to remove the four screws holding the diaphragm to the piston body. A Zenith Stromberg needle adjustment tool.

Where is the choke located on a carburetor?

The choke is a plate in the carburetor that opens and closes to allow more or less air into the engine. Similar to the throttle, the choke plate rotates from a horizontal to vertical position to open up the passageway and allow more air to get by. The choke is located before the throttle, and manages the total amount of air going into the engine.

Where does the spring go on an intake choke?

The older style chokes have a coil spring mounted in the intake manifold with a rod from the spring to the choke. When the engine is cold, the spring is contracted and pulls the choke closed. When the engine heats up the spring expands and pushes the choke rod up, opening the choke.

Where is the choke and throttle cable located?

Insert the control cable bowden wire in the proper hole of the engine control lever, which is located on the side of the carburetor air intake elbow.

How to remove choke shaft from Tecumseh carb?

In order to correct such kind of situations following steps may be used efficiently: Try to remove the air cleaner assembly. Choke shaft assembly removal. Remove the brass cup shaped plug out of the nozzle well vent using an ice pick type of tool with a small hook placed at the end. Reassembling the choke shaft assembly.