How does the new Volvo D12 engine work?

How does the new Volvo D12 engine work?

For demanding commercial applications, the engine’s operating life, fuel consumption and service costs are wholly decisive for the overall economy. The new D12 has efficient combustion due to its unit injectors that operate under extremely high pressure, up to 1,800 bar, five-hole injection nozzles and the EDC system’s precision control.

Is there a problem with the fuel injector on a Volvo?

KB3MMX Thanks this. Most of the fuel injector problems on Volvo engine is the wiring harness itself not the injector, Most dealers will change out the fuel injector first, You still have the problem, than the dearler will put in the new wiring harness.

Where was Volvo Penta D12 heavy duty tested?

The D12 underwent a highly comprehensive testing program prior to its introduction. Tests in laboratories have been combined with tests at sea at Volvo Penta’s own testing center in Göteborg, and a test installation on a ferry in regular traffic. Overall, 15,000 hours have been expended in the laboratory and 18,000 hours at sea.

How do you test for a faulty injector Cup?

The more accurate test is to fit a clear fuel line on the in line to the head and inspect for bubbles to rule out the fuel system before the head. Then fit a clear fuel line on the return line coming out of the head. If you see bubbles after the head and not before you have confirmed faulty injector cups.

Where is the thermostat on a Volvo D13?

Volvo HD thermostats actuate at about 180⁰F (82⁰C). On D13 engines the cover for the thermostat is located at the very front of the cylinder head, just above the radiator fan and toward the RH side. On D12 engines the cover is located on the RH side of 4 the engine.

What does EDC do in a Volvo Penta?

The EDC system continuously monitors and controls the engine, enabling it to always operate under optimal conditions. The system also includes a number of safeguard functions that dramatically reduce the risk of engine damage,” says Anders Hård, who is D12 project leader at Volvo Penta.

What should the valve clearance be on a VEB D12?

With engine cold (140 F or less), adjust valve clearance to 0.2 mm (0.008 in.). Hold adjusting screw in place and torque-tighten lock nut to 38 ± 3 Nm (28 ± 2 ft-lb).

What is the fault code for a Volvo mid128?

Check the integrity of the data channel wiring. FMI 11 Missing or invalid speed signal transmitted via SAE J1939 data channel, speed sensor faulty, SAE J1939 data channel faulty, vehicle control unit faulty (VECU). The speed signal is transmitted via the SAE J1708 data channel. If FMI 9 is present, the engine speed does not exceed 1700 rpm.

What is FMI 1 for Volvo mid128 engine?

FMI 1 For engines D6B, D7C, D10B, D12C: The fuel pressure is below normal. The fuel filter is clogged, fuel leakage, air leakage, the bypass valve opens at low pressure, the mechanical pump does not pump well or the sensor is faulty.

Is there a Volvo Penta D12 marine diesel?

In addition, there is a D12 version for marine auxiliary functions, and as a complete generator unit. The D12 is an in-line, six-cylinder marine diesel, endowed with the latest technology to the last detail. Unit injectors, EDC system and an extremely sturdy basic design, including a seven-bearing crankshaft are among the solutions employed.

What do you need to service a Volvo D12 exhaust system?

Servicing the VE D12 intake and exhaust systems requires the following special tools. The tools are available from parts departments of Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. When requesting tools, provide the appropriate number, preceded by ”999”, for exam- ple, 9992610. W0000406 9992610Drift for overhauling exhaust pressure governor