How does the pinion work on a differential?

How does the pinion work on a differential?

Identified are the following: The pinion (yellow) rotates via the driveshaft and turns the ring gear (purple) which is bolted to the differential carrier. The drive axels connect to the carrier via splined openings. Illustrated below is a detailed drawing of the pinion assembly of a typical differential:

Can a pinion crush sleeve be replaced on a differential?

In most cases this condition is more of a nuisance than a sign of impending disaster. Further complicating matters, the fix is often worse than the problem. A complete teardown of the differential was necessary to get to, and replace the pinion crush sleeve which controlled the pinion pre-load.

What happens when you back off a pinion nut?

Backing off the Pinion nut once the sleeve has been compressed does not result in less pinion pre-load, it results in NO Pinion pre-load. Of the two conditions, not having enough Pinion pre-load is far preferable. A Pinion with too much pre-load will overheat and destroy the pinion bearings requiring a complete differential teardown and rebuild.

What happens when there is too much pinion pre load?

Too much force will collapse the crush sleeve and apply too much pressure to the pinion bearings (blue) against the pinion race (yellow), resulting in too much pinion pre-load. Too much pinion pre-load cannot be undone.

What kind of pinion does a GM Duramax use?

The GM 12471499 Pinion Yoke is a direct replacement for old worn or damaged yoke. Fits on GM trucks with AAM 11.5″ axle with 1480 series u-joints. Features: OE Replacement For AAM 11.5″ Axle w/ 1480 U-Joints Note: For proper application, you must to confirm you have the 1480 series u-joints.

How do you remove the front drive shaft on a Chevy?

Mark both ends of the shaft. Move to the front of the shaft where it connects to the axle housing. Remove the four retaining bolts from the pinion yoke with a wrench, then lift off the two retaining straps. Pull straight back on the drive shaft, releasing the two U-joint caps from the yoke.

How do you replace a pinion seal on a Chevy truck?

Slide the pinion yoke off the pinion shaft and set it aside. Using a small flat screwdriver, bend the outer metal ring of the seal to help loosen it then pry it out of the bore. Pack the cavity behind the seal with lithium grease then install the new seal into the bore.

What kind of differential does a GM Duramax use?

Side Split Shaft Note: The TufShaft does not incorporate an axle disconnect, so the front driveshaft will spin when the vehicle is in motion, but with the front differential unlocked the truck will turn and drive like normal. The GM 12471499 Pinion Yoke is a direct replacement for old worn or damaged yoke.