How does valve adjustment international dt466e diesel engine work?

How does valve adjustment international dt466e diesel engine work?

The DT 466 E (electronic) diesel engine is controlled by an ECU (engine control unit) which has to be removed before adjusting the engine valves. This step adds time to the valve adjustment but necessary to gain access to the valves. Once the charge air piping and dog house is removed working on the valve cover removal is much easier.

What causes a DT466 diesel engine to quit?

If the engine oil pressure is poor the injection system suffers. Adjusting The DT466E Cam Sensor Another problem we encountered only a few times was a defective cam sensor which caused the engine to either quit all together or run very rough. So back in the day we used the ProLink reader to see what kind of code was going on with the engine.

Where is the cam sensor on a DT466?

The cam sensor is located on the passenger side of the front timing cover and reads engine rotation that relays a reading to the ECM (engine control unit). As I stated before if the cam sensor does not send a signal to the ECM the engine dies since the ECM thinks that the engine is not rotating and it’s programmed to shut down the injection system.

When did the 466 cam sensor get replaced?

I’ve never had to shim one either- til last week. The truck (with a 466E) threw a Cam Sensor Code, and when I pulled it out, the end was cracked and you could see where it has been rubbing against the gear. This one was installed by the dealer last fall when they replaced the front cover.

Is the DT466 truck getting hard to start?

I have had a small problem with it before, usually first thing in the AM. But now it doesn’t want to start no matter what time of the day it is. If its been sitting for any length of time it cranks and will finally start after about 45 seconds. There is nothing else wrong with this truck, this is the only problem it is giving me now.

What to do if your DT466 fires right off?

Try putting a battery charger on it, 12V low or Med at most, if it THEN fires right off, you’ve got a bad connection somewhere in the ECM or IPR circuits- This is VERY common. Thanks for all the input guys, I think I may have an idea what’s happening, correct me if I’m off track.

What kind of car is the DT 466?

Can’t seem to figure this one out myself, so I figured I’d try here. 2003 International 4300 with the 466, and have been having some issues. Used to start and run beautiful, probably the best running dt I’ve driven.

Are there any issues with my 2000 International 4700?

Discussion in ‘ Trucks ‘ started by Treetop, Oct 6, 2018 . Hello, i have a 2000 international 4700 with a dt466e. It was overhauled about 7,000 miles ago. Runs great until a few days ago. I thought water in fuel so i changed fuel filter and checked for water in tank. Changed oil today to look for anything out of the ordinary.

Are there any issues with the 2000 dt466e?

Walkerv thanks for the heads up on the injectors. It’s not noticeable on cold start. It runs perfect thru all rpms until it gets to 180. TVA it starts fine either way. I was running it last night to get it to temperature, it seems to idle ok after 180 degrees.

How to tell the compression stroke on a dt466e?

An easy way to tell is if #1 cylinder valves are both loose and #6 cylinder valves have no clearance, then you know you are on #1 compression stroke. Note: There are 12 valves in total #1 valve being at the front while #12 valve is the last valve at the rear of of the cylinder head.

How long does it take to change a dt466e injector?

THE PROCEEDURES ARE ASSUMING THE ENGINE IS STOCK, RUNNING #2 HIGHWAY DIESEL OR ULTRA LOW SULFER DIESEL AND NO AFTERMARKET POWER ADDERS. If you are unsure about your experience or skill level take it to a shop. If you do hire a shop to make the repair this should help you understand why it takes 4 to 8 hours to do a injector change.

Where are the TDC positions on a dt466e?

T.D.C. Top Dead Center the highest the piston will travel in the cylinder bore. There are 2 TDC positions end of compression starting power stroke, and end of exhaust stroke starting intake. B.D.C. Bottom Dead Center the lowest the piston will travel in the cylinder bore.

What should I do if my valve is not adjusted?

Look, listen and feel for binding or difficulty turning. If you start the engine and a valve is not adjusted is done incorrectly you will destroy your engine. Valve adjustment is easier to do with the injectors removed as its easier to tell when the piston is at T.D.C. You can use the bolt on the crank pulley to turn over the engine.

How are the valves set on a diesel engine?

This procedure is called the rocker method that uses the intake and exhaust valve position as a reference while turning over the engine by hand. The position of the engine will be at top dead center (TDC) and it depends on valve position that determines which cylinder is ready for adjustment.

Where are the 6 cylinder valves at TDC?

The #6 cylinder valves (at TDC with #1 cylinder) will be on the exhaust stroke with no valve clearance. This will indicate #1 Cylinder is on the compression stroke and half of the engine valves are ready for adjustment.