How low can you make a YZ125?

How low can you make a YZ125?

Sponsoring Member You can lower the forks and shock at least 1 inch front and rear. Then you can slide forks up to the upper limit and change the linkage on the rear. The total drop is close to 2 inches and does not affect handling.

How low can you lower a motorcycle?

The ground clearance factor means there’s also a limit to how much you can lower a sportbike. Nearly all of the suspension technicians we spoke with said for riders who don’t intend to drag race, 1.5 inches is the limit they would be comfortable with for shortening suspension.

Why are dirt bikes so tall?

The reason dirt bikes are so tall is that they are designed for moving across rough terrain and therefore need increased ground clearance. Some dirt bikes are larger than others because they either need more power, larger tires, or greater suspension than other dirt bikes for different types of riding.

How many inches can you lower a dirt bike?

Rear Sag/Shock Preload By backing off the lock nuts you can lower your bike by up to 2 inches, but be aware that this is messing with the suspension settings and will affect the handling of your bike. Similarly increasing the sag setting will also lower the bike, but also affect the handling.

Can you lower KTM 65?

You can get the rear shock rebuilt (reshimmed) to lower the sx65. However, I would just let him ride it stock. He will adapt.

How do you lower the height of a motocross seat?

The most common (and cheapest) way of lowering the seat height is by trimming the seat foam. This is a good time to put on a new seat cover as well! Just take the cover off, trim the seat foam down to the desired size (you can usually take off 1-1.5″ from the middle of the seat and still have enough left).

Does lowering a motorcycle make it faster?

By lowering the front end, you are manipulating the bike’s rake and trail settings. Without getting too technical, this will make your bike quicker turning at the expense of reducing high-speed stability. If you stay conservative, you may not notice any handling differences.

What is the best motorcycle for short legs?

The 6 Best Motorcycles for Shorter People

  • Kawasaki Versys®-X 300. Seat Height: 32.1”
  • Indian Scout Bobber. Seat Height: 25.5”
  • Triumph Street Scrambler. Seat Height: 31.1”
  • Yamaha MT-07. Seat Height: 31.7”
  • Honda Rebel 500. Seat Height: 27.2”
  • Ducati Monster 1200. Seat Height: 31.3”

    Are there any problems with the Yamaha YZ125?

    Another unique problem that the stock YZ125 has is the way it has a flat top piston with a large bevel on the side. This makes conventional head designs not pair well with it. Normally one would have to choose an angle to match either the bevel part, or the flat part which leads to a compromise in how the squished gasses are dealt with.

    Can a shorter rider ride a YZ 125?

    My daughter is going 125yz I’m 5’5″ and race an ’01 YZ 125 and had Wilkey (MX-Tech) do my suspension (revalve and springs) and it has helped a lot but the bike is still a little tall. I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on shaving seat foam… quite a few people don’t think it’s the best idea.

    Which is the best insert for Yamaha YZ125?

    Apex SX/XC insert has the highest compression, slightly higher than stock and has the highest msv that we’d advise running. This gives broad snappy power and a boost in power throughout the entire front side of the power curve.

    What are the best mods for the YZ125?

    Here are six very simple mods that we have done to the YZ125 in order to get more horsepower, but also keep reliability as well as some money in my bank account. These mods are set in no particular order, but getting a pipe/silencer combo with any of these mods should be first on your list of “must haves”.