How many episode is the Empress Ki?

How many episode is the Empress Ki?

Empress Ki/Number of episodes
Empress Ki (Korean: 기황후; Hanja: 奇皇后; RR: Gi Hwanghu) is a South Korean historical drama television series starring Ha Ji-won as the titular Empress Ki. It aired on MBC from October 28, 2013 to April 29, 2014 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 51 episodes.

Where did they shoot Empress Ki?

Filming moves to Hengdian World Studios, located in Hengdian, China, from October 12-23, 2013. Ep. 19 & 20 of “Empress Ki” originally scheduled to air December 30th and 31st did not air due to award shows and special programming. Ep.

Is the Empress Ki a good historical drama?

Empress Ki, I must say, is a very compelling, powerful and controversial historical drama. I am always deeply enthralled with every scene that leaves you in awe and keeps you wanting for more. I suggest you (future watchers) dramathon it and don’t skip a single episode nor a single scene. Story – I love how the story of EK started and ended.

Why was Empress Ki forced to become a maidservant?

To get revenge on her enemies, she hides her true identity but gets caught up in a Yuan Dynasty conspiracy while watching over the Yuan crown prince To Gon, who was exiled to Koryo. Through a series of twists and turns, she saves To Gon, but her secret about being a woman is discovered, and she is forced to become a royal maidservant.

What did sungnyang say to Ta-hwan in Empress Ki?

Sungnyang confided to Ta-hwan that she does not need him now that Ayu was made an heir. It was about time that she avenged the deaths of her father and Wang Yu. Ta-hwan cowered in fear but suddenly the Empress Dowager appeared. She laughed sarcastically at him for not listening to her. The throne killed his brother and father. Now, it was his turn.

What happens to Prince Togon in Empress Ki?

Prince Togon is exiled to Koryo. (Source: shareTV) Sungnyang mistakes the Yuan Prince for a Yuan soldier. For the prince’s protection, the Goryeo King barricades the prince within the Goryeo palace. (Source: shareTV) The Yaun Prince asks Sungnyang to teach him how to defend himself.