How many times Zimbabwe beat Pakistan in ODI?

How many times Zimbabwe beat Pakistan in ODI?

Team wins, losses, draws and ties

Opponent Matches % Won
Ireland 16 50
New Zealand 38 25.68
Pakistan 62 8.33
South Africa 41 5

How many matches Pakistan played with Zimbabwe?

It was Zimbabwe’s first win against Pakistan in T20Is in sixteen attempts, and their first win in a home T20I match since beating India in June 2016….

Pakistani cricket team in Zimbabwe in 2020–21
Results Pakistan won the 3-match series 2–1
Most runs Wesley Madhevere (89) Mohammad Rizwan (186)

Is Zimbabwe cricket team in Pakistan?

It was Zimbabwe’s first win in an ODI in Pakistan since November 1998. Pakistan also won the first two T20I matches to win the series….

Zimbabwean cricket team in Pakistan in 2020–21
Pakistan Zimbabwe
Dates 30 October – 10 November 2020
Captains Babar Azam Chamu Chibhabha
One Day International series

How many times Zimbabwe beat Pakistan in t20?

Team wins, losses, draws and ties

Opponent Matches Won
India 7 2
Ireland 8 3
New Zealand 6 0
Pakistan 17 1

What is the captain of Zimbabwe?

Hamilton Masakadza
Zimbabwe national cricket team/Captains

How many times Bangladesh beat Pakistan?

One Day International

Opponent Matches Won
New Zealand 35 10
Pakistan 37 5
Scotland 4 4
South Africa 21 4

How many times Zimbabwe beat India in T20I?

Team wins, losses, draws and ties

Opponent Matches Won
Australia 3 1
Bangladesh 16 5
England 1 0
India 7 2

What is the lowest t20 score ever?

Team Score Opposition
Estonia 71 v Isle of Man
Ireland 71 v Afghanistan
West Indies 71 v England
Nepal 72 v Hong Kong

How many matches are there between Zimbabwe and Pakistan?

There are a total of 6 matches including 3 T20s and 3 ODIs to be played during the Zimbabwe tour of Pakistan this year. The PAK-ZIM bilateral series is a part of the Future Cricket Tour Programs (FTP) which has been prepared by the International Cricket Council (ICC), PCB and Zimbabwe Cricket Board.

When do Pakistan play Zimbabwe in T20?

Pakistan to Host Zimbabwe for three-match One day Internationals and three T20 International in October-November this year. The tour schedule has been officially confirmed by the PCB in press release today. Starting on October, we will witness both the teams in action by the end of the November.

Where does Pakistan rank in the world in ODI cricket?

In ODI’s Pakistan is currently holds 6 th position at ICC ODI ranking with 32 matches 3254 points while Zimbabwe is struggling with 14 th rank at the table with 24 matches and 935 points. In the shorter format of the game, Pakistan holds 4 th position with 23 matches 6009 points however Zimbabwe is ranked 11 with 18 matches and 3442 points.

How many Test matches has England won against Pakistan?

England has won 25 Test matches and Pakistan 21 Test matches. For T20s, England has a massive winning record against Pakistan having won 10 matches vs that of 4 matches won by Pakistan. What are the series Venues for Pakistan vs Zimbabwe?