How much does it cost to rebuild Duramax injectors?

How much does it cost to rebuild Duramax injectors?

The total cost to have a mechanic replace 8 injectors on an LLY Duramax can range from $3500 – $4500 CAD, depending on what other work is performed at the same time. The good news is LLY injectors are located outside the valve covers so the task is considerably easier and cheaper than on prior LB7 models.

Can diesel injectors be refurbished?

In some cases, replacing the injectors may become necessary. When it becomes necessary to replace the diesel injectors there are two options of you can take. You can get refurbished injectors or get remanufactured ones instead.

When do I need to replace my Duramax injectors?

If your Chevy or GMC Duramax diesel is running poorly and you need to replace your injectors, browse the categories below to find replacement injectors and injector components for your truck.

Where are Bosch remanufactured diesel injectors produced?

Bosch’s Remanufactured Diesel Injectors are produced at the same Bosch facility as the new diesel injectors. All wearable parts and critical components are replaced with genuine Bosch parts, and the latest original equipment production technology is used.

What causes a remanufactured diesel injector to fail?

Common problems include corrosion from excessive water in the fuel, micro fine particles in the fuel and improper fuel storage, which is caused by water in the fuel. There are two ways in which water can get into the fuel: through the delivery system and through the tank vent. How can I prevent diesel injector failure?

Which is the best source for diesel fuel injectors?

We’ve always given it to you straight, and that directness and honesty has helped make us the No. 1 source for diesel fuel injectors on the web.

Do you need a Duramax LB7 fuel injector?

In need of a replacement Duramax LB7 fuel injector? Or a performance set of injectors to match up with your aftermarket tune? Shop Sinister Diesel’s full collection of Duramax LB7 diesel injectors below:

How is a Duramax engine remanufactured in the USA?

Assembled in the USA. Blocks and crankshafts are 100% magnaflux tested to avoid cracked components. Aluminum cylinder heads are dyed to check for cracks.Crankshafts are checked for size and micro-polishedto OEM specifications. If necessary, it is re-ground re-nitrated and micro-polished to OEM specifications.

When did the Isuzu Duramax engine come out?

The Duramax engine is a joint venutre of GM & Isuzu. LB7 (VIN “1”) Engine was installed from 2001-2004. LLY (VIN “2”) Engine was installed from 2004-2005. LBZ (VIN “D”) Engine was installed from 2006-2007. LMM (VIN “6”) Engine was installed from 2007-2011. LML (VIN “8”) Engine was Installed from 2011 to current.

How are the connecting rods on a Duramax engine Remachined?

Connecting rods have new bushings installed and both large and small end are remachined to OEM specifications. All heads get new valves and are vacuum tested to ensure the quality of the valve job. All heads are pressure tested. Core plugs are 100% stainless steel to avoid corrosion.