How much would a full body wax cost?

How much would a full body wax cost?

On average, a full body wax can start at $150 and go up from there. The full body wax package, however, can be cheaper than getting each area waxed in individual sessions.

What is included in a full body wax?

What is the full body wax process? The package includes: Full Legs, Full Brazilian wax, underarms and upper lip. All of these areas are waxed accordingly and other areas can be added with an additional price. This service takes anywhere from 30-50 minutes depending on the individual.

How much is it to wax your vag?

How Much to Pay for a Wax

Tier Cost Tip
Low End $20 – 50 $5 – 10
Mid-Range $50 – 75 $10 – 15
High End $75 and up 15 – 20% of price

Why do I only have hair on my nipples?

Some girls have extra hair on their bodies because of genetics — some people have less body hair and others have more, so if your mom or sister also has nipple hair, it may just run in the family. Girls might also have extra hair because their bodies make too much of a hormone called androgen.

Can a man get a full body wax?

With the proper products and well skilled hands, we can make waxing for men as painless as possible. We can do a male waxing of the full body, or you can pick and choose which body parts need the hair removal attention from the professionals. What type of wax do you use and why?

How much does a full body Brazilian wax cost?

Male Full leg and full Brazilian wax. Includes bikini line, shaft scrotum, inside the buttocks and full legs. Add full buttocks for $15 Either upper arm to elbow, or lower arm to elbow. (Please specify to the technician which half of the arm you would prefer.)

Is there a ” we wax that ” spa for men?

We Wax That! Spa uses multiple different waxes from around the world to provide you a custom wax for your hair and skin type. Something we understand about our guys here at We Wax That! Spa is the consistent statements of suffering made about the hair on male bodies.

What are the areas of the body that need waxing?

Hand to the wrist and fingers, knuckles or where ever there is hair on the hands. Includes: pelvic area, bikini line shaft and scrotum full buttocks and small of the back.