How old is Blandelli?

How old is Blandelli?

Erica Blandelli
Age 15 (Before Main Story) 16 (Series Start) 19 (Series End) 21-25 (EX) 30 (Campione Lord of Realms)
Gender Female
Ethnicity Italian
Hair Color Blonde

Will there be a Campione Season 2?

If by any chance, ‘Campione’ season 2 releases, it will surely be sometime in 2020 or 2021 because most anime studios have several shows lined up for the rest of the year.

Where does Godou Kusanagi live in Bunkyo borough?

His current house is located in the shopping street of the third district of Nezu, in Bunkyo borough. Starting around six years old, Godou joined in the gambling that took place during the Kusanagi New Years family reunion.

What kind of character is Godou Kusanagi in Campione?

Godou has often shown very oxymoronic, and self-contradictory behavior. For example he is a very shy young man, but is also a natural born lady-killer, having learned the skills during his childhood from his grandfather. However, he is unaware of this talent, which explains him never realizing that so many girls have fallen for him.

How many girls fell in love with Godou Kusanagi?

In a short story it was revealed by Asuka Tokunaga, his childhood friend, that Godou was very popular with girls as he had 14 or more girls fall in love with him during middle school, though he was completely clueless to all of them. At the start of Volume 1, Godou was just introduced as he landed in one of Italy’s international airports.

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