How to adjust intake valve height in Series 60?

How to adjust intake valve height in Series 60?

Intake Valve Adjustment Loosen the locknut, and turn the adjusting set screw until the feeler gage produces an even smooth pull between the valve stem and valve button. Torque the locknut to 41 – 47 N·m (30 – 35 lb·ft) and remove the feeler gage. Reinsert the feeler gage to ensure that the adjustment did not change when the locknut was tightened.

When do valve lash and injector heights need to be adjusted?

Effective immediately, the valve lash and injector heights on all Series 60 engines must be measured and, if necessary, adjusted at the initial period listed in Table “Measurement/Adjustment Period” .‪

Why are there no push rods in Series 60?

The Series 60 overhead camshaft design eliminates the need for push rods. Separate camshaft followers are not needed, since the rocker arms incorporate follower rollers riding directly on the camshaft lobes, transmitting camshaft motion to the valves and injectors. See Figure “Camshaft and Related Parts” .‪ Figure 1. Camshaft and Related Parts

How are rocker arms installed on Series 60 engines?

Current Series 60 engines have rocker arm shafts without flats at the mounting bolt locations. For these engines, a spacer is installed between the rocker arm shaft and the mounting bolts or nuts rather than a washer. This allows the rocker arm shaft to be rotated when installing new rocker arms.

Do you need to remove valve cover for Series 60 engine?

There are three styles of valve covers for the Series 60 engine. On engines equipped with a two-piece aluminum valve cover, it is NOT necessary to remove the lower valve cover to install the engine brake. However, one style of upper valve cover may require modification at the breather housing location (inside) for engine brake clearance.‪

What are the components of a series 60 fuel injector?

Series 60 Valve and Fuel Injector Height Adjustment Components 1. Exhaust Valve ‪ 6. Intake Valve ‪ 2. Intake Valve ‪ 7. Fuel Injector Follower ‪ 3. Locknut ‪ 8. Valve Button ‪ 4. Adjusting Set Screw ‪ 9. Exhaust Valve ‪ 5. Exhaust Rocker Arm Assembly ‪ ‪

How to adjust the valves and set the fuel injector Heights?

When setting valve lash clearance or injector height, always set them to the dimension listed in Table 12-2. Adjust the valves and set the fuel injector heights as follows: 1. Disconnect starting power for engine. 2. Remove the engine valve rocker cover as outlined.