How to reset the HVAC on an international 4300?

How to reset the HVAC on an international 4300?

Click to expand… The right way is to remove the HVAC Control B+ fuse to accomplish a reset, just as mrdevildog suggests, there is then no risk of damage to the controller or dash panels.

Why does my international 4300 check a / C light?

Turns out it was the motor that switches the flaps in the dash from defrost to floor and vent now why that shuts the compressor down i have no idea but a $34.00 motor did the trick.

Is the mode actuator still good on the International 4300?

Thanks for the responses guys, it was the mode actuator. The motor is still good but the plastic housing over the shaft broke. At least I was able to move the air down to the floor for now and keep from getting blown in the face.

What should the high pressure switch be on an international 4300?

Sounds like the high pressure switch is bad. The high side should go up close to 300psi before it cuts the compressor off. The normal opperating range for the high side is 180-250 and your not getting that.

Why does my car blower motor not shut off?

If you have a vehicle with climate control system and a variable speed blower motor and the blower motor won’t shut off and stays on HIGH with the car turned off and the key out, chances are the blower motor motor control processor is toast or the HVAC control module is damaged.

What to do if your climate controlled blower wont shut off?

If your climate controlled blower processor is shot, be prepared to spend mucho bucks for a replacement. But before you start throwing expensive parts at the problem, you’ll have to do some checking. Start by testing the gray/black wire at the blower motor control processor. First, try grounding the wire. Then try removing it.

What should I do if my VT365 has no power?

Wrench. Diagnostic Tech. If so, just monitor the can lines to see if they are talking to each other and check all sensor grounds. if all that is ok, then check circuit IDM relay vbat, that needs to be checked out. I think my bad english thinks this is what you mean by clean power.

What are some common problems with International trucks?

Most of the common repair complaints are prevalent in trucks of all sizes from International, which includes commercial vehicles, such as tow trucks, delivery trucks, roll trucks and refrigerated trucks. After 2004 these vehicles typically had the 6.0 liter diesel engine as the factory engine as well as the MaxxPro Star engine in larger trucks.

Can a 2005 International shut off while driving?

I have a 2005 International with a DT466. The issue I’m having is without warning, while driving down the road the truck will lose power and then shut off. No engine light comes on, no codes in the Dash changed the fuel filter checked the fuses in the battery box, Checked the relays underneath the hood and replaced the camshaft sensor.