How to tell if transmission is slipping?

How to tell if transmission is slipping?

If your transmission is slipping, be aware of the signs.

  1. Engine revs or chugs.
  2. Slow, weak or delayed acceleration.
  3. Difficulty shifting gears or hard shifting.
  4. Grinding, whining or other strange noises.
  5. Won’t go in reverse.
  6. Burned or strange smells.
  7. Check engine light.

What’s the cruising rpm of a Chevy Camaro?

Chevy apparently agrees with the HAMB on cruising RPM: That’s right in line with the V8 Camaro the tranny came out of.

Which is the best rpm for highway cruising?

I was reading the article “Hitting the Sweet Spot” in the latest issue of Rod & Custom. It’s a helpful write up about optimizing highway cruising RPM with rear gear selection and overdrive. The article provides a formula to calculate RPM at any given MPH. It states that about 2200 RPM @ 75 MPH is a good target.

What should the cruising rpm be on a 283?

You should be looking for 2200-2400 cruising RPM at around 70-75 MPH, at least a 3:73 gear, but check out the article, Hotrodhill. The 283 is gonna like the extra gearing with the taller tires….especially since your using the 462 heads…..small cam or not.

What should the axle ratio be for cruising?

For example, an axle differential ratio greater then 4.00 may be perfectly acceptable for cruising when combined with a low enough numerically “over drive” final transmission gear ratio. That’s why going from a 4 speed to a 6 or six speed transmission may or may not give you give you the results you want for cruising.

What causes a Lexus RX transmission to upshift?

***ASL: Aggressive Shift Logic. The transaxle control firmware is designed to upshift the transaxle into the next higher gear anytime the, ANY, opportunity arises. That oftentimes results in the tranaxle starting an upshift as the result of a slight lift of the accelerator pedal just before accelerating.

What happens when you change gears on a Lexus RX350?

The same Lexus dealer reprogrammed/flashed the transmission, but the failures continued. The failure mileage was 2,800. The car abruptly jerks forwards or slows down when switching gears. There is a knocking sound when you accelerate. The rpm increase to 6k-7k before the next gear is engaged and then car abruptly thrusts forward.

What kind of transmission does a Lexus GXE10 have?

The 2.0-liter 1G-FE inline-six powered AS200 (GXE10, sedan) featured a five-speed manual transmission as standard, while a four-speed automatic was optional. The 2.0-liter 3S-GE inline-four-powered RS200 (SXE10, sedan) featured a six-speed manual transmission, while a five-speed automatic was optional.

What kind of transmission does a Lexus RX300 have?

In 2004 Lexus went to DBW, e-throttle, so as to delay engine torque until those clutches had time to fully and firmly seat. In the meantime…. Another RX300 that needs a new transmission! Mine is a ’99, AWD with 101K miles. Dealer wanted $4,300. I found a trusted, local guy who will do it for $3,500.