How to troubleshoot alarm codes 10 and 20 on a Thermo King?

How to troubleshoot alarm codes 10 and 20 on a Thermo King?

Do a voltage drop test to check for an open circuit. You will need a wiring schematic for the Thermo King unit you are working on. Trace the wiring circuit and check any fuses or switches connected to the circuit. This is one of the most common alarm codes you will encounter. Minus a few exceptions, you likely have a fuel system problem.

Why does my Thermo King Battery not cycle?

Answer: The most common cause for a unit not to cycle has to do with charging. Check the amp meter in your gauge menu if it is above 5 amps the unit will not shut off. If this is true your battery may be starting to fail.

Where is the HPCO switch on a Thermo King?

Check for a defective high-pressure cutout (HPCO) switch. The HPCO is located on the top of the compressor. Disconnect the harness and bypass the HPCO switch. If the unit starts, then the HPCO switch is defective. Check the wiring harness on the 8D circuit. If the unit still won’t start, then verify voltage to the HPCO switch.

What happens if you jump start a Thermo King?

Jump the starter and observe the battery voltage. If the starter fails to engage and the voltage falls to 1V or 0V, then you have a bad battery. Replace the battery. Warning: Any attempt to jump start the battery may cause it to explode. Check for a defective high-pressure cutout (HPCO) switch.

What do you need to know about Thermo King Tracking?

TracKing is an application from Thermo King powered by Celtrak which enables customers to track their vehicles/reefers in real time, to receive important data and alarms, and to generate reports on data gathered.

What does TK monitor do on Thermo King TriPac?

Discussion:Thermo King TriPac EVOLUTION units have TK Monitor communication software built into the Base Controller of each unit. It allowed PC type computers to establish two way communications with the EVOLUTION control system without special software being loaded on the computer.