Is Delta State University football d1?

Is Delta State University football d1?

The 2019 Delta State Statesmen football team will represent Delta State University in the 2019 NCAA Division II football season.

What is Delta State football record?

2021 Delta State Football Schedule (4-5-0)

What division is Dakota State University football?

Dakota State teams, nicknamed athletically as the Trojans and Lady T’s, are part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Their conference affiliation is with the North Star Athletic Association, they were charter members of the NSAA in 2013-14.

What is Delta State’s mascot?

Fighting Okra
StatesmenLady Statesmen
Delta State University/Mascot

After all, the mascot is a Fighting Okra and you just don’t see that every day. According to the Okra’s website,, the Fighting Okra is the unofficial mascot of Delta State and is a bit of an urban legend. It appears on campus at random times usually just to torment students and athletes.

Why is Delta State the Fighting Okra?

The “Fighting Okra” grew out of humor among students about the improbability that anyone would find a “Statesman” particularly frightening. In the mid-1990s, a student vote was taken, resulting in the university taking on “The Fighting Okra” as an unofficial mascot.

Is McKendree University a d2 school?

With the move to Division II, McKendree is pleased to be part of one of the strongest athletic and academic Division II conferences in the country. In 2012-13, the Bearcats officially began competing as members of the Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC).

Is Dakota State football d1?

SDSU is currently a member of the Summit League, the Missouri Valley Football Conference, the Big 12 Conference and Varsity Equestrian….

South Dakota State Jackrabbits
Conference Summit League Missouri Valley Football Conference Big 12 Conference
NCAA Division I (FCS)
Athletic director Justin Sell

Is Dakota State University d2?

Dakota State University Athletics – NCAA Division II Northern State (S.D.)