Is there a recall on the GM lifter?

Is there a recall on the GM lifter?

Lifter recall on 2007+ GM with active fuel management? I heard from my brother who is on a lot of GM forums that there is a recall on the lifters on GM vehicles 07 and later with active fuel management.

Why does my lifter make noise at high RPM?

Check the oil level. If the oil level is low enough, the oil pump may begin to suck in air at high RPM, thus starving the lifters of the required pressure.

How can I get rid of the engine lifter noise?

This will continuously pressurize and de-pressurize the lifters, sending the solvent through and breaking lifter plungers loose. Drain the oil into your oil drain pan, but leave the old oil filter in place. Refill the engine with very lightweight engine-flushing oil.

What’s the problem with my GM VLOM lifter?

The fact that you can start up and then it starts to miss, would lead be to believe that the solenoid for cylinder 4 may be sticking open and sending oil to the lifters and collapsing them for V4 function. If you aren’t worried about testing the existing VLOM, its $316.68 at a local dealer p/n 12571609.

What’s the name of the GMC lifter noise?

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What kind of tick noise does a GMC Denali make?

Please try again later. This GMC Denali 08` 6.2l Ls (non-AFM), developed a lifter tick noise prevalent on the drivers side of the engine.

What should I do if I hear lifter noise in my engine?

Start the engine and check for lifter tapping. Remove the engine’s valve covers and check for broken or bent components.

Can a non AFM engine make a lifter tick noise?

It DOES NOT apply to Non-AFM Engines. If you are dealing with a Non-AFM engine that is experiencing a similar noise, please refer to Engine Mechanical > Diagnostic Information and Procedures > Symptoms in SI. Some customers may comment on an engine valve lifter tick noise that occurs after the engine has been shut off for at least two hours.