Is there a season for marlin fishing?

Is there a season for marlin fishing?

August through December is the prime Blue Marlin season, although it’s possible to find the odd White Marlin in these waters all year round.

Is Mauritius good for fishing?

Mauritius is one of the world’s best big game fishing destinations, with exotic catches available all year round. The beautiful tropical island nation to the east of Madagascar is surrounded by glittering blue seas and vibrant coral reefs.

Where can I fish for marlin?

Best Places To Catch Marlin In The World

  1. Cairns, Australia.
  2. Kona, Hawaii.
  3. Madeira, Portugal.
  4. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  5. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  6. Los Suenos, Costa Rica.

How do you attract marlin?

Anything that the blue marlin is currently eating should work as bait, so pull your own bait from the ocean, hook it with a strong rig, and you’ll be set to catch a trophy marlin. If you are fishing with bait, make sure to let the marlin run with the hook for a short time before setting it.

How fast do you fish for marlin?

For everyday marlin fishing with dead bait or lures, 8.5 knots is a good all-around speed. Both baits and lures run great, plus most boats have a great hum at this speed.

Can you fish from the shore in Mauritius?

But shore fishing with the locals isn’t the only way to experience fishing in Mauritius—as angling become more and more popular with tourists, so big game fishing arose to add an extra level of excitement to an already enjoyable activity in paradise.

Can you fish from the beach in Mauritius?

Our island is one of the world’s big game fishing destinations thanks to the topography of the seabed. The depth of the Indian Ocean plummets to a thousand meters about a mile from our South West coast off Le Morne. About 7 marlins are caught every year during deep sea fishing in Mauritius.

Where is the best place to marlin?

Do restaurants serve marlin?

While valued as a sport fish, marlin are sold in sushi restaurants and at roadside stands as barbecue fish-on-a-stick. Intense fishing pressure led regulators to ban the sale of Atlantic marlin in the United States. Other countries, such as Japan and Cuba, do not prohibit the commercial fishery.