What are stanford Introductory seminars?

What are stanford Introductory seminars?

IntroSems are small, hands-on courses offered across all seven schools, specifically designed for Frosh and Sophomores. Work with top faculty and engage in research early in your Stanford career while exploring your interests.

What is the Introductory seminar?

The introductory seminar is a 10-minute presentation with 5 minutes of questions. The presentation should cover the background and methods of the project and not contain any preliminary results. The introduction of the talk should include a critical analysis of strengths and limitations of the literature.

How do I apply for Stanford IntroSems?

Sign Up & Enroll

  1. Sign Up For Priority Enrollment. Choose up to three IntroSems per quarter and submit a statement of interest for the quarter’s first ranked seminar, by that quarter’s deadline.
  2. Writing Tips.
  3. Review Your Status.
  4. Enrolling Without Advance Sign-Up.
  5. Seminar Changes.

What ways is Stanford?

Ways is Stanford’s unique general education breadth requirement. Create your own custom toolkit with a set of intellectual skills to use here and take with you when you graduate. You must take 11 courses in 8 Ways any time during your undergraduate years.

What is fountain hopping at Stanford?

Fountain Hopping is a unique Stanford tradition where groups of undergraduate students swim, hangout and “hop” between the variety of fountains around campus.

How many units are IntroSems?

All IntroSems count toward the 180 units required for an undergraduate degree.

How many units are IntroSems Stanford?

Does Stanford use canvas?

Canvas is Stanford University’s primary learning management system. Instructors and students use Canvas as a central meeting place for course administration.

What is thinking matters at Stanford?

Thinking Matters courses are designed to help freshmen make the transition from high school to college by developing a sense of what constitutes a genuine question or problem, and how to address it in a creative and disciplined manner.

What is Full Moon on the Quad Stanford?

Full Moon on the Quad, also referred to as FMOTQ, is an annual tradition at Stanford University. During the event, students gather at Main Quad and kiss one another starting at midnight. Typically organized by the Junior class cabinet, the festivities include live entertainment, such as music and dance performances.

Can you swim in Stanford fountains?

Fountain hopping can entail swimming in the fountain, sitting on the side while dangling feet into the fountain or bringing an inflatable water toy to float on the surface. Stanford has many big and small fountains, however, students usually fountain hop in five that are most suited to this tradition.