What does 03d mean?

What does 03d mean?

“d” is a formatting string, which specifies how 7 will be printed. d stands for decimal integer (not double !), so it says there will be no floating point or anything like that, just a regular integer.

What is sprintf () in R?

The sprintf() is a built-in R function that returns a character vector containing the formatted combination of text and variable values. It accepts format and input data as arguments and returns the character vector of length that of the input.

What is the point of sprintf?

sprintf function is used to write formatted output to the string, In a C program, we use fgets function as below. sprintf ( string, “%d %c %f”, value, c, flt ) ; where, string – buffer to put the data in.

What is 15s 03d n meaning in Java?

75.9k●67 ●251 ●360. Up vote 3. “%-15s” means that within 15 blank space, the String “s1” will be filled in the left. (fill in the blanks from the left) “%03d” means that within 3 0s, the integer”x” will be filled in the right. (fill in the zeros from the right).

What is %- 5s in Java?

What the code is trying to do is format the spaces %-5s. will add extra spaces at the end of the word to complete 5 character. For example if you have: System.out.format(“.%-5s.”,”cat”); it will add spaces before the word to complete 5 characters.

Why Sprintf is used in R programming?

sprintf is a wrapper for the system sprintf C-library function. Attempts are made to check that the mode of the values passed match the format supplied, and R’s special values ( NA , Inf , -Inf and NaN ) are handled correctly.

What is Sprintf in Unix?

Sprintf() and vsprintf() effectively assume an infinite size. The format string is composed of zero or more directives: ordinary char- acters (not %), which are copied unchanged to the output stream; and con- version specifications, each of which results in fetching zero or more subsequent arguments.

Should I use sprintf?

Using sprintf() is much cleaner and safer to format your string. For example when you’re dealing with input variables, it prevents unexpected surprises by specifying the expected format in advance (for instance, that you’re expecting string [ %s ] or the number [ %d ]).

What is the use of sprintf () function in PHP *?

The sprintf() function in PHP is used to write a formatted string to a variable and returns a formatted string.