What does Rubber Duck mean in CB talk?

What does Rubber Duck mean in CB talk?

“Rubber duck” – the first vehicle in a convoy.

What does 42 mean on CB?

CB Radio Code and Lingo at CB World

CB Terminology Meaning or Translation
FM An AM/FM radio.
42 Yes, or OK.
Four-Letter Word Nobody wants to stop at the weigh station- that is why “OPEN” is considered a four-letter word in the trucking industry. When the weigh station is open.
Four Wheeler Any passenger vehicle with four wheels.

What are some CB sayings?

CB Lingo Words and Phrases

  • 10-4 Roger – Yes.
  • Back door – behind your truck, somebody who’s behind you, like the police.
  • Bad ass – very cool.
  • Bear – cop.
  • Catch you on the flip flop see you on your return trip.
  • Chicken coop – weigh station.
  • Chicken lights – extra lights on a rig or trailer.

What does 10 100 mean on a CB?

Bathroom break
CB Radio 10 Codes

10-1 Receiving poorly (I can’t hear you)
10-45 All units within range please report
10-62 Unable to copy; please use phone
10-99 Mission completed
10-100 Bathroom break

What does 10-100 mean on a CB?

What is a 10-100 code?

10-100 Civil disturbance – Mutual aid standby.

What does 10 78 I got your 6 mean?

In World War I, pilots flew biplanes the first time the battle was taken to the air. WWI pilots were the first to say, “I got your six,” meaning they’ve got you covered so the enemy can’t come up behind your back and kill you.

What does 10-10 on the side mean?

10-10. CB user will cease broadcasting but will continue to listen. (“I’m 10-10 on the side.”)

What is a 10-10 in police code?

10-10 Off duty. 10-10A Off duty at home.