What does the air dryer do on a truck?

What does the air dryer do on a truck?

Installed between the compressor and reservoirs, the air dryer collects and removes solid, liquid, and aerosol contaminants such as water and oil before they enter the air brake system and jeopardize efficient operation.

How does Bendix air dryer work?

With an AD-9 air dryer installed, contaminants enter the supply port of the air dryer end cover. As the compressed air travels through the end cover assembly, its direction of flow changes several times causing contaminants to condense and drop to the bottom of the air dryer end cover.

Why are there separate lines in a rotary dryer?

Separate lines mean that each washing line can be replaced individually without having to rethread the whole rotary airer. Despite its large line size, the dryer is designed for those who are limited by space as the line collapses down and can be stored away when not in use.

Why does my AC dryer need to be replaced?

You’re driving your car when suddenly it starts to smoke up. When you look under the hood, it’s obvious the smoke is coming from the AC compressor. You’re pretty sure that the air compressor will need to be replaced, but is that really the problem with your car?

Where is the dryer located in an AC system?

The AC dryer, also known as the receiver, filter or dehydrator, is located in the high-pressure section of your AC system. The dryer looks like a series of small metal canisters and can usually be found in the plumbing between the condenser outlet and the expansion valve inlet. The AC dryer is an integral part of the AC system in your vehicle.

How to change the cartridge in an air dryer?

1 With increased air demand the air dryer cartridge needs to be replaced more often. 2 Use the drain valves to slowly drain all reservoirs to zero psi. 3 Allow the oil/water mixture to fully settle before measuring oil quantity.