What happens if you put too much oil in your car theory?

What happens if you put too much oil in your car theory?

Explanation: Too much oil in the engine will create excess pressure and could damage engine seals and cause oil leaks. Any excess oil should be drained off.

Are there any dealerships that offer free oil changes?

A number of customers say the dealerships have been holding up their end of the bargain until recently, when some were given a bill for their previously free oil changes. Free oil changes for life is a promise made by two local car dealerships — a promise less permanent than it sounds, according to several disgruntled car owners.

What should I do Before I go back to the dealer?

Contact the dealer and warranty insurer before you do anything else. Don’t get the car checked by a mechanic or anyone else before you contact the dealer. You could lose your right to a remedy if you do. When you go back the dealer:

Why did I get Free Oil Change for life?

It was just oil change for life.” Many people Global Kingston spoke to said that when they signed on for the free oil changes, it was simply an add-on to buying a car. They claim they did not sign extra paperwork agreeing to any conditions and say they were not made aware of any conditions. Cotton says the guidelines have always been there.

What happens if dealer does not give you copy of CIN?

The dealer would have given you a copy of the CIN when you bought the car. If any of the information given about the security interest is wrong on the CIN, ie the box was not ticked, then it is invalid and you have full ownership rights. This means the finance company can’t take the vehicle from you.

Where did I get an oil change done?

I had an oil change done (along with brake work) at Firestone about two months ago. I am a regular customer of this store. Last night my car quit on the highway–the oil light came on, accompanied by smoke and the engine coughing and stopping. I immediately coasted to a stop and got the vehicle towed.

What was the fault of the oil change company?

The engine seized and will need to be replaced ($3,000). According to the mechanic, this is clearly the fault of the oil change company (Firestone) who did not sufficiently tighten the oil drain plug to proper torque specifications. It took approximately 1500 miles to vibrate loose.

What should I do if I have a service problem with a car dealer?

Ask to see the precise items they actually used. Challenge them on it. You might not get them to knock it off your bill, but you should try. You also said that dealer service departments too often recommend fluid flushes and replacements that aren’t called for by the owner’s manual.

Why did my car lose all the oil?

My mechanic informs me today that the oil drain plug dropped out on the highway, causing the sudden loss of all oil from the engine. The engine seized and will need to be replaced ($3,000).