What is the code for a 2012 Maxforce?

What is the code for a 2012 Maxforce?

Its a 2012 IH truck with a 13 maxforce engine (unfortunatly). The code I have is egr low flow rate detected fmi 21, spn 2659 and the occurance numbers is 52 so it isnt just a one time fault. My question is what are the possible problems causing this code and how would one start diagnosing it.

What are the fault codes for MaxxForce 15?

International MaxxForce 15 (All Years) Fault Codes CODE DESCRIPTION SPN 27 FMI 0 EGRP fault: over temperature SPN 27 FMI 3 EGRP signal Out of Range HIGH SPN 27 FMI 4 EGRP signal Out of Range LOW SPN 27 FMI 7 EGRP does not agree with commanded posit

When did the International MaxxForce 15 come out?

First announced in 2009, it was put into production and placed into trucks by August 2011. However, this engine was very short lived due to its ability to not meet engine requirements that it was announced in September 2012 that it would be discontinued.

What does SPN 2630 FMI 16 over cooling mean?

I have a code spn 2630 fmi 16 CACOT Over cooling and it says it is healing. My question is where do i start on the diagnosis. It is a 2012 MaxxForce

Can a MaxxForce DT diesel engine have no codes?

If a Maxxforce DT diesel engine in our fleet experiences low power with no codes we will be pursuing the same areas we looked at for this fix. As a matter of fact there is another bus in our fleet with similar problems. Experience has paid off once again.

Why does my MaxxForce DT have low power?

It’s also recommended to check the air filter for any restriction. This of course will cause more of a low pressure area in the intake system. If you’re working on the MaxxForce DT you must have the servicemaxx software. After this operation is completed a MAF recalibration is needed.

Where are the temperature sensors on a MaxxForce DT?

Another area was the boost and temperature sensors on the driver’s side below the intake throttle and EGR valves. Both were fairly clean so the EGR which is surrounded constantly by hot exhaust gases was the next best choice.

Why is my MaxxForce 11 engine not starting?

The engine could have a 731 code which will prevent it from starting and shouldn’t be started until the code is diagnosed. The code prevents the engine from starting to prevent possible engine damage. Without knowing engine codes, you can’t diagnose the no start.

What are the codes for the worstar MaxxForce 11?

It has codes SPN 639 FMI 14, SPN 2000 FMI 9 and 19. Also 524285 14. I took this readings from the screen on the truck, because I can connect the scanner, but there is no data coming from the ecm.

Why is Maxforce 13 low EGR flow code generated?

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Basically this code is generated because the ECM is sensing too little flow of EGR gases through the cooler. There is no actual flow sensor, but the ECM is able to calculate the flow rate through other sensors. The flow rate is too low because the cooler is plugged.