What is the difference between range Command and power Command?

What is the difference between range Command and power Command?

Range Command is a simple, rugged and well proven transmission. It provides clutch-free gear changes within each working range. Power Command is a full-powershift transmission: you select the gear speed you want by simply pushing up or downshift buttons.

What is New Holland power shuttle transmission?

This transmission gives you touchbutton powershifting through the four gears of each range, plus a clutch-free shift between first and second range, and between the third and fourth range. An electrohydraulic power shuttle also lets you shift from forward to reverse without clutching for easier loader or grading work.

What is New Holland Electro Command?

The Electro Command™, semi-Powershift transmission allows you to select eight gear speeds via up and downshift buttons on the main gear lever. The third button selects the range change. Top transport speeds of 40kph are achieved at a mere 1970rpm. …

What is a range command?

The purpose of range commands is to establish clear, concise, and standard methods of range operation in order to make things move efficiently and enhance safety. On a shooting range, in a firearms class, or in competition, commands are just that: commands! All action shooting sports have standardized range commands.

What is auto command?

Auto Command technology allows the operator to set a target speed of between 20m/hr right through to 50km/hr and regulate it to the nearest 0.01kph. No steps. No range changes.

How does a synchro shuttle work?

In a Synchro Shuttle Transmission you pick what gear you want to be in using the gear stick, then use a forward / reverse shuttle lever to pick your direction. It’s essentially like a manual gearbox, but with a separate lever for going forwards and backwards.

How many hours does a hydrostatic transmission last?

I believe that most hystat transmissions on smaller tractors should last 3 – 5000 hours plus if they have been serviced regularly (strictly my opinion, not based on data).

How much horsepower does a t6080 range command have?

Rated horsepower on all T6080 Range Command™ or Power Command™ models automatically increases to meet challenging PTO, hydraulic and transport applications. The 6.7 litre Tier 3 FPT Industrial engine delivers up to 24hp(CV) of extra power and 58Nm of extra torque providing you with the power reserves you need to get the job done, every time.

What are the specs of a CNH t6080?

Speed range / speed range with creeper (km/h) 19 x 6 / 29 x 12 Optional Minimum speed / minimum speed with creeper (km/h) 1.8 / 0.29 Axles 4WD front axle l Terraglide™ front axle suspension O SuperSteer™ front axle (o)O Hydraulics CCLS Closed Centre Load sensing (Lpm) l Main pump flow / pump pressure 113 / 210 Remote Valves

What kind of armrest does a t6080 tractor have?

Ultimate Comfort T6080 Range Command™ and Power Command™ tractors are available with the proven standard armrest that makes spending long hours in the cab a pleasurable experience. These models offer gear lever, hand throttle and electronic draft controls on the adjustable armrest console.