What kind of car was the 1975 Mercedes 280?

What kind of car was the 1975 Mercedes 280?

Hence my decision to restore a barn-found 1975 280S. The W116 was the first Mercedes luxury sedan to be called the S-Class (the Sonderklasse or “special class”). From a design point-of-view, the 280S is old school, heavily inspired by the R107 450SL roadster and coupe that debuted several years earlier.

What kind of suspension does a Mercedes 280s have?

The sedan tapped into technology from the famed C111 development test car. The 280S sports a double wishbone suspension with a torsion bar stabilizer up front, delivering zero offset and camber. The engineers added progressive anti-dive geometry to keep that big body stable under hard braking.

What kind of horsepower does a Mercedes 280s have?

In today’s day and age, the Mercedes Benz 280S seems woefully underpowered. Its carbureted 2.8-Liter DOHC straight six is rated at 160hp and 167 lb·ft of torque, peaking at 5,500 and 4,000 RPM respectively. Channeled through a short-ratio, four-speed automatic, the 280S’s acceleration is nothing more than adequate around town.

What kind of transmission does a pagoda 280SE use?

The latter version K4A025 “GA 280 SE” was used in models 280S/8 (early models only), 280SE/8 early models only), 280SL/8 (all), 300SEL/8 (early six cylinders only with). A new K4C025 (4 bolt pan) replaced the K4A025 transmission in all the later models except for the W113 which kept the (16 bolt) K4A025 until the end of production.

Is the Mercedes-Benz 280s a neutral car?

Take the 280S on a long sweeping road, control the transmission via the shift gate, and it will negotiate a corner with swan-like grace. With its near-50/50 weight distribution, well thought out suspension tuning and a stiff chassis, the 280S is as neutral as Switzerland.

What kind of engine is in Mercedes Benz M110?

The M110.92x and .93x engines are carburetor engines, with Solex 4A1 carburetor . The M110.98x and .99x engines are fuel-injected engines, with Bosch D-Jetronic up to the .983 and K-Jetronic from the .984. All M110 engines have a displacement of 2.7 L; 167.6 cu in (2,746 cc) and a bore and stroke of 86 mm × 78.8 mm (3.39 in × 3.10 in).