What kind of engine does a caterpillar C10 have?

What kind of engine does a caterpillar C10 have?

CATERPILLAR C10 and C12 Diesel Engine Specs. CAT C10, C12 Displacement, bore and stroke Displacement 12.0 liter, 732 CID Bore 5.12 in, 130 mm Stroke 5.91 in, 150 mm Click for CAT C10 and C12 engine manuals and specs.

Where to find the serial number on a caterpillar?

Please enter a valid serial number beginning with three alphanumeric characters followed by numeric characters (e.g.: XYZ01234). The serial number plate is typically found on the back of the engine block.

Is there a serial number for the cat C10?

Caution: Bolt Torques and other data, may vary from serial number to serial number, please check the manuals.

How to pick up parts for a caterpillar?

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The engine also features two-piece, articulated pistons; one-piece cylinder head; a single-piece block; mid-supported cylinder liners; and an electronically controlled, mechanically actuated unit injector fuel system.

When did the caterpillar C10 ECM come out?

Caterpillar C10. It was introduced in 1995 and was replaced by the Caterpillar C9 in 2004. The engine featured an Electronic Control Module (ECM) with ATA/SAE standard data links. The ECM boasted the ability for fleet managers to analyze how the vehicle and engine and determine the most efficient use of their equipment.

How is a caterpillar C10 cat engine stripped?

Every C10 Cat engine is first completely stripped. Blocks, heads, rods, crankshafts and camshafts are thoroughly cleaned in a chemical jet wash or hot tank to remove any contaminations that could accelerate both early component and engine failure.

How to use Caterpillar engine injector sleeve tool, important info?

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