What makes a caterpillar 330C L hydraulic excavator so good?

What makes a caterpillar 330C L hydraulic excavator so good?

Cat C9 engine and hydraulics give the 330C L exceptional power, efficiency and controllability unmatched in the industry for consistently high performance in all applications. Robotic Welding. Up to 95% of the structural welds on a Caterpillar Excavator are completed by robots.

What kind of engine does a 330C L have?

New to the 330C L, the Cat C9 engine combines with proven hydraulics to give the 330C L consistently high power and control in the field. pg. 4 ✔New Feature

What makes the cat 330 cab so special?

THE CAT 330raises the bar for performance and fuel effi ciency in this size class. With the industry’s highest level of standard factory technology, a cab focused on operator comfort, plus lower fuel and maintenance costs, the 330 will set the pace for productivity and profi t in your operation.

How do you fix a cat excavator swing motor?

In my experience with Cat excavators the gear is part of the shaft and has to be removed from the swing machinery in order to change the seal in most models. The fix means removing the swing machinery and completely disassembling it for the repair.

What is the tool control system on the 330C L?

The Tool Control System of the 330C L allows the hydraulic system to effectively handle hydromechanical tools. Tool settings can be programmed and selected from the monitor. pg. 8

Is the 330C L an operator work station?

The 330C L operator work station is quiet with ergonomic control placement and convenient adjustments, low lever and pedal effort, ergonomic seat design and highly efficient ventilation. Redesigned Layout.

What does tool control do on a caterpillar 330C?

A trimmer, more capable monitor in the 330C’s cab displays text messages and allows the operator to select preset parameters for work tools when the machine is equipped with the optional Tool Control System.