What makes a Freightliner classic not build air?

What makes a Freightliner classic not build air?

There are backstream valves inside that let first and second tank share air when pressure in one of tanks is lower four bar. Backstream bore was clogged and compressor was off till second tank pressure was lower the compressor actuation point. Changing both the valves solved problem.

What does a Freightliner air conditioner compressor sound like?

Freightliners use a simple dial on the HVAC control unit to control the setting of the AC system. On a freightliner, the sound of the compressor starting is unmistakable. You should hear a low “hum” followed immediately by the cooling fan turning on.

Why is my AC unit on my Freightliner truck failing?

Because the compressor needs refrigerant to operate safely, the motor ends up burning out and failing at some point. If you think the AC system on your freightliner truck needs to be recharged, don’t’use the unit until you have the system recharged because it could cause a critical failure of the compressor.

Why do I hear a hum on my Freightliner?

On a freightliner, the sound of the compressor starting is unmistakable. You should hear a low “hum” followed immediately by the cooling fan turning on. If you do not hear the compressor, it may have failed or is leaking. Either of these two scenarios will require that the compressor be replaced.

What are the air bags on a Freightliner classic?

First – for rear brakes, second – for front brakes, third – for park brake valve and trailer air supply, fourth – for cabine air bags, air controlled transmissin (ZF), clutch servo (if equiped), and all other additional equipnet, like PTO solenoids, fan clutch solenoid and other.

What kind of truck won’t build air?

Discussion in ‘ Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ‘ started by Killer, Mar 3, 2011 . I need help, my 2000 freightliner classic with a 12.7 Series 60 Detroit will build air to a point, then it after to press the brakes and lower the air, it won’t build back to where it needs to be.

Why are my air brakes not fully released?

Brakes Do Not Release -Brake rigging binding. -Brake not in fully released position. -Faulty brake valve or relay valve. -Restricted or collapsed tubing or hose. -If remote mounted brake valve, check linkage. 6.) Brakes Grab or Erratic Brake

Why is the air pressure in my truck not building?

Usually you follow the sound. It may be hard to find with the truck running. If it won’t build at ALL than I would suspect the air compressor itself. rabbiporkchop Thanks this.

What to do if air pressure is not building?

The governor will either be mounted on the side of the air compressor or air dryer. You can try tapping on the side of it to see if the truck will build air. I have had the unloader valve in the compressor go bad, but not very often.

Is there a warranty on a Freightliner truck?

So much for having a Freightliner warranty! Maybe Kenworth next time? 2012 Freightliner Cascadia As a Small Business Owner/Driver it was my Dream to buy a new truck, have owned 2 other used trucks and wanted decrease my time in a repair shop and to use that money for a larger truck payment. I researched lots of brands.

Why does Freightliner not know how to use locktight?

Well, not OK, seems that Freightliner does not know how to use locktight to keep bolts tight. Was told it was a mainanance issue and my problem. So I asked to see where it recommended checking/retightening bolts in service book. Was also told it was a common problem with this vechicle.

Are there any Freightliner Trucks that have gone out?

We bought 4 trucks with the same type transmission and 3 of them have gone out now and all have been around 200, 000 miles. This seems like more than just a simple coincident. Avoid Freightliner Smart Shift Transmission!

How to fill air tanks in a Freightliner?

Rudolph Diesel : With the tractor off Rudolph Diesel : after the tanks are drained fill the tanks with a air hose at the tanks you might have a brake chamber on the spring brake bleeding back threw the system you canhear it better if the truck is off and you fill the tanks with a air hose with the tractor running its hard to hear air leaks

What to do if there is no air in the secondary tank?

No secondary air, No driving. Period. Lepton1 and icsheeple Thank this. You can bypass the dryer and drain the tanks, that wouldn’t explain the secondary not building. Get it into a shop before your on the side of the road without any air.

What’s the problem with my Freightliner M2 A / C?

Just looking at my 2006 M2 and noticed that the hard lined hose on the passenger side going into the A/C condensor has developed a nasty coolant leak. Gotta love rough dirt/gravel roads in the county. $230.00 part and 3-5 hours of work to fix.

Why does my truck not build air pressure?

The truck just won’t build past 30-40 PSI after draining tanks empty…it is also verrrrry slow building to 30-40 PSI as well…then it stops….sometimes makes it to 40..other times just 30. Strange. Totally puzzled here. Has anyone else had this problem or know the best way to continue troubleshooting? 2,103 14 38 Delta Junction, Alaska

Is there air pressure in an eighteen wheeler?

Discussion in ‘ Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ‘ started by Bigray, Jul 8, 2009 . started up the truck yest. air pressure built up and drove it too the store, turned off truck and when i came back out, press. had bled down and would not build back up.

What to do if your truck has no air pressure?

There should be a double valve between your dry tank and your wet tank. There are two tanks for air on your truck. Get a hammer and tap that #### thing. Drain ALL tanks. Crank and build air to pressure governor again. If your sec fails to build.