What size coil comes with the Garrett AT PRO?

What size coil comes with the Garrett AT PRO?

The PROformance DD 5″ x 8″ search coil is made for the Garrett AT Pro, Garrett AT Max, and AT Gold Metal Detectors.

What is the best Nel coil?

The NEL Big offers the greatest depth of any coil as confirmed by independent tests and is perfect for deep searching. It offers high sensitivity to large targets and is also excellent for smaller finds. Its large size is perfect for open terrain, is fully submersible and can be used without a coil cover.

Is a bigger coil better on a metal detector?

The size of a coil can influence the detection depth and sensitivity of a metal detector. A good rule of thumb is ‘the larger the coil, the more ground you can cover and the deeper it can go’. On the other hand, smaller coils have greater sensitivity to smaller, shallow targets and are less susceptible to EMI.

Do metal detector coils go bad?

Over time the varnish cracks on the copper strands causing a direct short to individual strands which soon makes the coil out of tune and in time go completely bad.

What is the best coil for Garrett AT PRO?

The Garrett 5″ x 8″ DD PROformance Search Coil is designed to be compatible with the Garrett AT Max, AT Gold, AT Pro, and the CSI Pro. This DD coil is lightweight while providing a tight, smaller search area for trashy areas, and deep searching depth that can pick up the smallest targets way below the ground.

Where are Nel coils made?

The NEL company was founded in Ukraine in 2009. We obtained ISO9001 certification in October 2016, and have been continuously improving our products and quality level for customer satisfaction based on this guideline.

Are DD coils better?

The DD coil separates much better and gets more even depth especially in mineralized ground. From the picture you can see why as was said why the DD coil can separate better than the concentric or mono loop coil. One of the bad things about the DD coils is sometimes bottle caps are harder to tell from good targets.

Why does my metal detector keep beeping?

The most common reasons your metal detector beeps too often are: Low batteries. Moisture in cable connections or control box. Bad coil.

Why do metal detectors go off for no reason?

A long shot is excessive iron. Too much iron in the body can set off metal detectors. This is rare–and weird–because the human body naturally uses iron and other metals such as zinc, chromium and selenium. Excessive iron is possible if you have a genetic mutation that causes a disease called hemochromatosis.