What two things drive or cause the water cycle?

What two things drive or cause the water cycle?

There are two main ways this happens: Heat from the Sun causes water to evaporate from oceans, lakes and streams. Evaporation occurs when liquid water on Earth’s surface turns into water vapor in our atmosphere. Water from plants and trees also enters the atmosphere.

Which processes in the water cycle are driven by the sun?

The water cycle consists of three major processes: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. The water cycle’s evaporation process is driven by the sun. As the sun interacts with liquid water on the surface of the ocean, the water becomes an invisible gas (water vapor).

Does gravity affect water cycle?

Gravity pulls denser air and water downward, forcing less dense air and water to move upward. The warm water near the surface of the ocean heats up with sunlight and evaporates, keeping the water cycle in motion.

What is the function of the water cycle?

The water cycle is an important ecological process that maintains the proportion of water in earth’s atmosphere and ecosystems. The water cycle involves cyclic movement of water from water bodies and groundwater into the atmosphere through plants, which play a role in this cycle by photosynthesis and transpiration.

What are the characteristics of the water cycle?

Water Cycle. the continuous migration of water on earth (in its atmosphere, hydrosphere , and crust), accompanied by phase transitions of the water and possessing a more or less pronounced cyclical character. The water cycle consists of the evaporation of water from the underlying surface and its transport by air currents from the evaporation site,…

What is collection in the water cycle?

Collection is another step of the water cycle. When water falls back to earth surface, it may collect in oceans, lakes, or rivers. When water falls onto land, it can either soak into the ground and become ground water or evaporate and start the whole cycle over again.

What is the rain cycle?

Rain water runs over the land and collects in lakes or rivers, which take it back to the sea. The cycle starts all over again. The water cycle is the journey water takes as it moves from the land to the sky and back again. It follows a cycle of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.