What was the name of the Chevy truck in 1979?

What was the name of the Chevy truck in 1979?

The 1979 models got a new grille surround that incorporated the turn signals; inside there was a new full-width “houndstooth” seat trim on base models and a (rare) fifth interior color option on the higher series called “oyster” by Chevrolet and “Mystic” by GMC (mostly white with a gray dash, carpeting and cloth).

What was the rear suspension system on a 1979 Chevy truck?

The Load Control rear suspension system consisted of a rear live axle with dual stage Vari-Rate multi-leaf springs and asymmetrical (offset) shock absorber geometry, to help sort out any “wheel hop” under heavy loads or hard acceleration. K-Series pickups included either Conventional , Permanent, or Shift-on-the-move four-wheel drive.

What kind of floor did a GMC pickup have?

Both steel and wood floors were available. The second type, called Stepside by Chevrolet and Fenderside by GMC, was a narrow width pickup box featuring steps and exposed fenders with standalone tail lamps. Initially, only wood floors were available.

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